5 Steps To A Bargain Boost With A Mirror Makeover DIY


We tend to buy new decor when a room starts to feel a tad bland, yet, our homes have more than one or two pieces that can spruce up an interior. You only need your DIY goggles to see their potential, which is how I started my mirror makeover DIY.

Granny B’s sponsored some of the supplies for this mirror makeover DIY, and I am thoroughly impressed with their products. Click on any product link you find in this post to shop, and get 10% off of the total when you use the coupon code HOMEOLOGY123 at the checkout.

Here’s how to get started on a unique patterned mirror makeover DIY

Difficulty: easy

Time: 2 hours

Unique patterned mirror supplies

You need:

  • An old mirror
  • Sandpaper
  • A cloth
  • Masking tape
  • Decorative adhesive transfers *
  • Rub-on metallic foil *
  • Floral stencil *
  • Applicator tool
  • Chalk paint in black and navy *
  • Non-toxic, quick drying sealer *
  • Paintbrush, roller and paint tray

*Granny B supplied us with adhesive transfers and metallic rub-on sheets by Prima, a floral stencil, chalk paint (Black Betty and Midnight Blue) and a clear sealer, Armour.

Step 1:


For your mirror makeover DIY, start by lightly sanding the mirror’s frame. If you’ve painted the frame before, as I did, make sure that there are no loose flecks of paint.

Step 2:


Paint the frame with black chalk paint by using a paintbrush or roller. It’s easier to use a paint roller for a mirror makeover DIY. Use a small artist’s brush to cover the inner sections of the frame, nearest the mirror. Let the paint dry and apply another coat if necessary.

Step 3:

mirror makeover diy with a stencil pattern

Place the stencil on the glass and adjust its position until your happy with the placement, then secure it with masking tape. Cover the section of the stencil that you don’t want to be painted with paper then also secure it with masking tape.

Use a paint roller to paint over the open stencil sections. I used black chalk paint on the glass and the midnight blue on parts of the frame to add depth for the following metallic transfer layer. Wipe away any paint spills then let the paint to dry before moving on to the transfers.

PRO TIP: Test the painting the stencil on paper first. You’ll notice that too much paint will have a smudgy result.

Step 4:

decorative floral gold leaf patterned mirror makeover diy

To create the unique patterned mirror, you need the adhesive transfer and a metallic sheet. Follow the quick steps with the image above to make it happen:

  1. Cut out a section of the transfer to fit your frame.
  2. Remove the protective sheet.
  3. Place the pattern onto the frame, sticky side facing down. Use the applicator (that comes with the transfer pack) or a flat object to smooth the transfer onto the frame.
  4. Remove the transparent film, to reveal a sticky pattern stuck to the frame.
  5. Roll out the metallic film onto the pattern and smooth it out with the applicator. You will see the pattern through the sheet once it adheres properly.
  6. Slowly peel away the metallic sheet to reveal the pretty unique pattern on the mirror’s frame.

Step 5:


Protect the painted surfaces by painting a clear sealer on top of the frame of this mirror makeover DIY.


Use a small artist’s brush for the pattern on the glass. Remove any smudges or spills with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. Once the sealer is dry, you can hang up your new mirror!


With a little paint and a few minutes of productivity, you too can transform a sad piece of furniture or decor into a standout interior booster.

Remember to get your paint supplies and accessories at a 10% discount when you use the coupon code (HOMEOLOGY123) at the checkout on Granny B!

Happy reusing!

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