Neutral Nesting

The inexplicable urge to decorate and sort out sock drawers strikes every (or most at least) pregnant women some time in the last trimester. Tired as you may be, you just won’t rest till the last plastic container has found it’s lid and all the baby clothes are washed, folded, re-folded and packed away neatly , sorted by size, colour, label and fabric.

You also want to prepare the nursery for the arrival of your little darling, but since you don’t know the sex of your bundle, you’re opting to go neutral. Or maybe you’ve decided to go neutral regardless to stay away from the gaudy, over the top nursery sets that so many retailers are trying to convince you is trendy. Either way, here are some ideas for neutral nurseries.

Just love this. Very classic, but with a stunning contemporary light fitting as a focal point. You can almost have nothing else if you have a fabulous lighting fixture like this.


Grey is always a good soft colour for a neutral room. Large canvass photo-prints are regularly on special on Groupon – if you haven’t joined them already, do it now! If the baby photo isn’t your thing, then any feature above the crib will do: a mobile, mozzie net or decal can look beautiful as well.


My friend Mel, whose baby is due any day now, was inspired by the dunes and sandy beaches of Kommetjie,¬†where she lives. Her husband is a huge surfer so they live a real beach inspired and rustic lifestyle, which she says impacts them sometimes without even realizing it. That much is evident in the white with timber accents and pretty “driftwood” mobile.

For the vintage bunting she took her paint swatch (Dulux Professional 90YR 29/096)
to the local fabric store, and just bought quarter meter pieces of varying fabrics to make herself. While it’s a little time consuming, it’s really easy to do and the result is just gorgeous.


While we’re on the beach theme: this mobile is something quite amazing. Origami cranes strung to a branch – simple and beautiful. I have never tried to do origami, but found a very useful site (Origami Instructions) that takes you through it step-by-step.You might need a few tries, but luckily you also need a few cranes.


I absolutely lust after this retro look. It is just so clean and cool. The chair and chest would be quite easy to get hold of, but the crib is a bit of a challenge… It’s by Ubabub (Australia), it’s called the “Nifty Clear” and costs a hefty R13,300 ex shipping. My only concern here would be how to attach the bumper. While there are many anti-bumper propagandists out there, there has also been many nights when I found my baba squashed in the corner of the crib. I can just see his little nose flattened against the acrylic, a vague mist forming against it from his breathing…


While the black may be a little stark for most, it just proves that neutral certainly doesn’t mean dull. You can easily replace it with a softer hue.


Again showing that a single item can transform a room. The tree can be made with fabric that is stuck to the wall, and to secure brush a clear varnish over. Of course, a Tord Boontje light fitting from Imagenius is a compliment to almost any small space.


So stay neutral if it tickles your fancy, and if you want to jazz things up a bit throw in one exquisite thing that will lift the entire room.

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