Paint techniques that will blow your mind

It is so refreshing to see that the trend setters have taken paint techniques to a whole new level. It’s still the quickest way to transform a room and a way for you to put your personal stamp on your interior.

I have found a few that I’m sure will inspire.

Rainbow walls

Fun and playful! Turn your walls into a kaleidoscope of color with this ombre effect or simple stripes.


Uneven strokes

Paint a section in a bold color with uneven brush strokes to create an artistic effect with just the right amount of pop!


Loft style 

If you are more drawn to a somber palette, opt for tones of grey and white in uneven strokes.


Go graphic

Break up a wall with bold geometric shapes in different tones of grey.


Pretty patterns

Introduce subtle pattern with color by stenciling a modern geometric pattern on your wall. It adds texture and a second layer that create visual interest.


We tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to color but once you have gone wild on a wall you will never look back. It’s a bit like a hair cut … remember you can always paint over it again like you can always let your hair grow.

Happy styling,

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  1. Love the yellow and white uneven strokes! And it works! Decided to paint a 3m high wall navy blue the other day….only had half an hour before the boys came home. After one coat and unravelled edges I decided to stop A. because I liked it too much… a giant colour field painting alla Mark Rothco! B. it was soo easy C. was it worth taking the risk painting the second coat with one 2 year old and one 4 year old running around? Turned out not to be. 🙂

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