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Valentine’s Day is not here to only remind us of romantic love. Romantic love is something that fades and makes way for something so profound that poets, artists, musicians and even scientist have been trying for centuries to capture its essence.

I have 3 men in my life and while they are all vastly different, my love for them is equally deep. A family photo wall has been long overdue at The Bruwery (we hardly have any pictures in our house, I’ve realized!) so I took the opportunity to rectify that given that love is in the air. I am a keen photographer but everything always just ends up on my computer. This wonderful project gave me the opportunity to go through the last 3.5 years’ photos, something that reminded me how truly special my life is.Photo Wall

The result is a wall that I can stand in front of and smile. I chose the kids bathroom – a bit of an odd choice but to be honest, we all do spend quite a bit of time in there and it needed something to lift it. The photos are either black & white or have a touch of blue and it’s so effective that I even find the kids taking the time to have a look – which is a miracle for toddlers!

Here’s to celebrating all the love you have – it really is all around!




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  1. Really like the blue highlights in mostly black and white. My photo wall is my favourite part of the house and I always feel calmed by looking at it. I haven’t printed photos in ages and I also need to go through and get them off the computer and into a photo album before they build up too much.

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