Popular Posts: Playing in the Living Room

Sometimes the family room = the playroom = the living room, and getting everything to work together can be a challenge. In design, as in life, there are 3 golden rules:

1) make peace with it (in this case, your space)

2) if you can’t hide it, flaunt it

3) plenty of storage = a happy home (this is a fact).

Here are some tips for making it work.

Don’t try to hide the fact that your kids share your space – embrace it! It’s a fleeting phase of your lives. Before you know it, they will not want to have anything to do with you. Or your living room for that matter.

Find simple and easy ways to convert your furniture into play areas. This tablecloth-house by Sam Scarborough (see here for tutorial)  can quickly turn into a formal dining area.

Use every possible space for storage. Below, a simple coffee table made mega-storage champion. Have a look at The Storage Dilemma for some more ideas.

Create a special corner that’s for them only: a craft station, reading nook or a blackboard wall works beautifully.

Bean bags are a wonderful idea, and they don’t have to cost a lot – see this simple tutorial.

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