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Once in a while, you are reminded of all the ways in which your kids can come to harm at home.  And sometimes it’s things that we don’t necessarily think of as dangerous that are the culprits.

It is always good to be vigilant – here are my *Top 10 Tips for kids under 10.

1} MEDICINES: all medicinal substances must be out or reach and locked away. This includes paracetamol {especially the yummy kiddies’ flavoured ones} and Savlon / Dettol

2} CHEMICALS: Any products containing chemicals must be out of reach {especially for toddlers}. This includes: dish washing liquid and powder; paints; thinners, paint stripper and any methylated products. This also includes ALCOHOL in any form.

3} PETS: I know your dog is the most gentle and kind pup in the world. But he is still an animal with animal instincts. Always supervise your kids with pets.

4} ELECTRICITY: Most household plugs are placed at 30cm from the floor which is the perfect height for little fingers. Close them, or put a piece of furniture in front of them.

5} WATER: Kids can drown in less than 5cm of water. And even if your kids are older, teach them to respect water.

6} FIRE ARMS and other weapons: Having a fire arm in the home is a personal decision every parent must make. But should you choose to have one, make sure it’s LOCKED away – ideally with a combination lock, not a key that can be found.

7} CARS: Too often you hear of a child being run over by a parent. Make sure that your garage door or the door that leads out to your driveway has a high enough handle that your toddler can’t reach it. Otherwise, install a Yale lock that locks automatically when you close the door behind you.

8} GLASS: Ensure that your windows and glass doors are fitted with safety glass. This will prevent the glass from making extremely dangerous shards when broken.

9} APPLIANCES: teach your children how to use the appliances in your kitchen. Especially the easy ones like the microwave. Make them understand the limitations and intended uses.

10} KNIVES, SCISSORS & RAZORS: this seems obvious, but quickly go through your kitchen and bathroom and you might be surprised to see how many sharp objects are within reach of your kids.

For a complete list, visit KidsHealth.

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  1. Safety:
    1. Do not store any chemicals in a cooldrink bottle, they might just think it is a drink.
    2. Put a temporary gate at the top and bottom of a flight of stairs.
    3. windows on the first floor – be sure they cannot climb up or be able to fall through

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