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So while I am waiting for the latest addition to our family to arrive and the builders to finish our new house, I have decided to start researching what exactly are the requirements for a playroom. Of course you can just throw everything in there, but in my experience it works better for me if I do careful planning first, followed by storyboards, plan layouts and possibly a few flights of fancy. Sometimes my carefully hidden OCD rears it’s head!

I was quite amazed at the mass of information that’s available on the subject, which just proves my point again that sometimes things can become extremely overwhelming. So my condensed version of playroom essentials are as follows:

1) SPACE: while this is at a premium, try to limit the amount of furniture you end up putting in there.

2) CRAFT STATION WITH ART WALL: a simple low table in plastic or with a protective cover for getting messy and creative, and somewhere to hang the master pieces afterwards (All Arty Farty).

Image Courtesy of SpearmintBaby.com3) CHALK BOARD: The jury is still out on this one – apparently it can become extremely messy with chalk everywhere, but then if you have kids you are kind of prepared for having your house in disarray… which is why you have a playroom in the first place!

4) TENT: I have sung the praises of the humble tent before (Going Camping!) so I really believe in having one. Especially on dreary days – it also makes for a wonderful reading corner.

Image courtesy of roomgalleriesmyhomeideas.com

5) READING CORNER: While my 2-year old still destroys books on occasion, reading is one of his favourite things. Some if the more delicate books will still have to be placed out of reach, but the rest of them will look beautiful on low shelving.

Image courtesy of sweetcheekstastytreats.com

6) PLAY MAT: Both boys and girls enjoy playing with cars so a play mat provides hours (or extended minutes at least!) of fun. Also useful for when towns are built from blocks, and for the rest of the toys to have a place to live.

7) DOLL’S HOUSE / PLAY HOUSE: Same as with a play mat, both boys and girls enjoy roll-playing with miniature versions of their family. Encourage it!

Image courtesy of familyfungo.com

8 KITCHEN: Most kids will have a greater interest in eating if they are involved in the preparation of food. And if they see you busy in the kitchen, they will want to do the same in their miniature version!

Image Courtesy of craftingchicks.com

9) PILLOWS: Only because this will sometimes cause them to spontaneously pass out. BONUS.

Image courtesy of mommyiloveyou.com

10) STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE: this can take up a whole post on it’s own. In fact, it has (The Storage Dilemma) – and it  probably will again later. The whole point of having a playroom is to keep the toys out of the living room so make sure that you have ample storage. And encourage the kids to clean up after themselves!

Image courtesy of itswrittenonthewalls.blogspot.com

11) DRESS-UP AND STAGE: to encourage all those wonderful hours of playing make-believe!

Image courtesy of betterhomesandgardens.com
Image courtesy of myscrapsoflifeblogspot.com

Ok, so let’s be realistic: most people don’t have space for a separate playroom, let alone all of the above. So I will make it my sole aim in life to explore the possibilities of incorporating this into a standard home. Watch this space!

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