Printed Custom Gift Bags Christmas DIY

Make your own custom DIY gift bags for Christmas by printing on paper bags

When it comes to the end of year busyness and Christmas craziness, we don’t always get to do everything that we set out to do. I always intend to come up with a simple, but unique, way to wrap up the Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, I so often end up doing it last minute. Of course, much of the shopping happens last minute too, forcing the wrapping to be even later! This year, you can use this easy little hack to make your own printed custom gift bags.

Make your own DIY custom gift bags for Christmas by printing on paper bags

What you need:

Plain paper gift bags
A4 scrap paper or cardboard
Masking tape or washi tape
Your own custom designs, names or Christmas greetings. A simple message done in Word or Paint is sufficient. (Or you can download the files designed for this post at this link)

Print DIY custom gift bags at home

Tape the paper bag to your scrap paper, with the front of the bag facing up. If your design goes right to the edge of the page, be sure to tape the under side of the bag to avoid printing onto the tape.

Taping the bag onto the paper allows for the design to go right to the edge of the paper bag as the printing border then falls onto the scrap paper. It also feeds more easily through the printer. Although higher-end printers may be able to handle the bag on its own, when I tried feeding the bag straight into the printer it made the most horrible crunching sound and jammed! Not fun!

Make your own DIY custom gift bags for Christmas by printing on paper bags

Once you’ve printed out your own custom gift bags, simply remove the tape gently and get wrapping your gifts!

Print DIY custom gift bags onto any paper bags at home

I love the difference in the effects of printing onto brown paper versus white paper bags. While I always prefer all my gifts to be wrapped in the same way, using the same designs on different colours of paper bags keeps the look uniform, while adding variety to each person’s gift.

Do you have any gift wrapping tips? We’d love to hear them!

Make your own DIY custom gift bags for Christmas by printing on paper bags

Wishing you the best Christmas season of relaxation and joy!


P.S. If you like the animal Christmas tree ornaments, you can find the tutorial for them here.

Have you tried this yet? Please share your experience!

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