Prominent Paints: A classroom make-over project

prominent paints project

Since my little boy started Grade R in January, I have been looking at the colour of his classroom with some scepticism. Interior design sensibilities aside, the room was painted in a luminous green that I felt was not a desirable colour for a group of 5 and 6-year olds. So when I got an email from Prominent Paints asking me if there was a project that I would like to do with them, it didn’t take me long to reply!

Prominent Paints 1

prominent paints project

TeacherĀ Grethe had already chosen her desired colours from another supplier’s colour chart, but the helpful staff at ProminentĀ Paints in Cape Gate were all too happy to match the selection. It was no surprise that she wanted to go for a softer palette of off-white, paleĀ chocolate and moody blue-grey. After everything was mixed and delivered, the work could begin.

Prominent Paints 6

Now as you can see from the before pictures, I wasn’t exaggerating about the green. There isĀ also a large storage cabinet in the back of the classroom that was going to need quite a bit of work to update the chippedĀ blue enamel.

prominent paints project

One of the parents sent a team of guys to sand, prep and prime and proceeded to paint the room.

prominent paints project

The transformation is astounding: from a bright and blinding class to a serene and calming space. Perfect for energetic juniors!

prominent paints project

The walls were done in an off-white with the wood trim and storage cabinet in a blue grey enamel.

prominent paints project

prominent paints project

Teacher’s cabinet got a new coat of paint, and so did the library nook, complete with complimentary floor cushions as well.

prominent paints project

Even the old steel-frame windows got a new lease on life with a metal primer and metal paint. They look fresh and new and ready for a few more years!

I love the transformational power of paint. It really is one of the easiest ways to update space!

OurĀ heartfelt thanks to Prominent Paints for sponsoring the paint for this project and to the parents of Simond for organizing the job. I am certain that Teacher Grethe and the kids are thrilled! Click here to join Prominent Paint’s Facebook page so that you can stay up to date withĀ their inspiring projects and for beautiful paint ideas.

Germarie Signature Featherly

Disclaimer: the paint and primer for this project were kindly sponsored by Prominent Paints.

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  1. A great thank you to the folks at prominent paints and the grade r parents of Simond Private School for your wonderful contributions in re-doing our classroom.
    It has made a world of difference!

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