Putting together the ultimate home office – with discount code and a giveaway!

One of the unintended consequences that the internet brought about, was the creation of an entirely new workforce: highly skilled, highly experienced people who choose to work from home. There is no need to sit in traffic to go to the office anymore – you can join the meeting via Skype or Google Hangouts from halfway around the world, and get your work done in your own time, in your own home. But that does mean that the once nice-to-have study, has become a must-have home office. Thankfully, the home office need not be an entire dedicated room – unless you have space, of course! Here’s how to put together the ultimate home office: functional, high-tech, practical and above all, gorgeous!

House and Home

Start with the basics

A desk, a chair, an internet connection and a laptop¬†– that’s pretty much what you’re going to need to get yourself going. Some jobs don’t even need a computer in the traditional sense¬†– a phone or tablet works equally well. But don’t think within the confines of old-school¬†offices:¬†depending on what it is that you do, you can set up office anywhere in the house – or outside of it! During our sweltering summer months, I work on the patio next to the pool!

Set yourself up for success


Ensure that you have all the necessities within arm’s reach: phone, charger, notebooks, stationary. If you need to have a pin board for visual stimulus, install a simple cork board in front of your desk to pin notes and inspiration to.

Wireless Freedom

No-one wants to see your cables hang out! Avoid them all together and keep your desk area neat and tidy by going wireless where you can.


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A wireless printer is another must. This ensures that all home-workers can be connected to the printer from where they’re working, without the need for cumbersome cables.


The Zoe Report

Ah, so important – especially if you live in a region with significantly reduced daylight hours in winter, or if you tend to work late at night. General lighting is sufficient to light the room, but if you value your eyes, make sure that you have a desk lamp to light your direct work space. Something with a cool colour lamp (tends to be more white than yellow)¬†will help you to be more efficient. This is also useful¬†for video calls to prevent you from looking like you’re sitting in a closet.

Shelving & Storage

My Scandinavian Home

Even if you run a paperless operation, there are always some things that need storage. Make use of the area underneath your desk as well as overhead to maximize space. A pedestal underneath a desk is a great way to add simple storage to a trestle desk or ledge, and a standard narrow bookshelf turned horizontally is an inexpensive way to create storage above your desk.

Green things up


Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate nature! Add some greenery to your desk with an indoor plant to help with air purification. Read this article¬†for ideas on which plants can work in your space.

Personalise it and have some fun!


It is your space after all, so do what you have to do to energize yourself. Add some bright colours, photos and prints to remind yourself WHY you’re doing this!

Happy Decorating!

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