Rocketmen and Bowlers

The school holidays caught me by surprise this year and suddenly I have 2 toddlers looking to me for entertainment. In between working on 2 blue projects, I also now find myself building castles in the sand box, playing in the piles of oak leaves in the garden and running around puddles on the farm. But our outside games become hampered at times by rain and runny noses so to avoid cabin fever and yet another batch of cupcakes, I have to really apply myself.

I have been collecting these 2 liter milk bottles for a while now, knowing that the day would come when I would need to magically produce imaginative fun and as it turns out, today was that day!

images - watermarked

Tape 2 bottles together with silver duct tape, stuff some red tissue paper into the openings, tie some elastic shoulder straps to the back and watch them run around chasing aliens. This works especially well on a trampoline!

Or grab some permanent marker and paint and turn them into bowling pins – these adorable ones are via Upcycle That.


That will keep them entertained until nap-time at least. What are you doing to keep the kids busy at home?


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