Study Corner

With the new school year in full swing, here are some ideas to create a study corner for your young child.

A few things are essential: proper lighting, a comfortable chair, some storage and of course, a work surface.

I love salvaged things. Here, halved crates and a simple trestle make for an excellent space. A little red lamp makes a wonderful accent – go for a daylight LED lamp to protect their eyes.

This is such a cool, fun space. Orange is a wonderful colour to stimulate creativity, and a pin board gives them the opportunity to personalize it. While this chair looks beautiful, your first consideration should be comfort. Invest in an ergonomic chair, or make sure that they have sufficient back support.

If you want to decorate the area, opt for something with educational value. I am a big advocate of a world map – it’s important to know how big the world is and where you fit into it. Invest in one from Mapsbox (available from Bargain Books).

A flip-down desk is fantastic if you don’t have a lot of space. For step-by-step instructions to build a similar one, visit Ana White.

Converting a built-in dressing table is a great space-saving idea. Love how the wallpaper gives it a playful touch.

Perfect little study corner made for 2. It’s important that your child is not distracted by things around him, so placing them facing a wall or other structure helps them to concentrate. Blue is a wonderful calming colour for an older child as well.

Whatever look you end up going for, make sure that it suits your child’s personality and temperament. Comfort and light in a small space is just as good!

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