Stunning Stencils

Still on the theme of wall decorations, I found an amazing picture of a stenciled wall on one my favourite sites, I Heart Organzing. I am not too familiar with modern stenciling (I’m not talking about stenciling shell borders!) and this seemed to be a cheaper option than wallpaper but with the same stunning effect. This specific website has a huge selection, and they ship internationally (Yay!!) The stencil that was used here comes to about USD 100 incl shipping so all in all a fantastic deal.

Locally the range is not as wide as what I would imagine it to be in the US, but I thought that I’d look into it.

Elle Decoration does a range of free downloadable stencils, but you have to get them cut at a laser cutters. BUT THEY ARE FREE!

The African Stencil Company does not have a big range, but they do have some lovely bamboo and trellis designs. And as a bonus, they ship free within South Africa (even though their site is bizarrely priced in dollars).

I have ordered the trellis above, and will let you know what I do with it. I am however still very much tempted to get the bamboo wall from the US…

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