Stylstryd ONLINE #4: Lida’s Solution


Teresa asked us to help her with her living room and dining area. Her colour scheme is red, grey and cream. She was also struggling with making the space feel light and open. Finding the perfect place for all her antiques was also a problem. This is how we helped her.

dining room finalPaint works wonders and Teresa painted the curved wall grey which brings a calm feel to the room. In order to make it more open and light we will paint the existing walls and skirtings white. There was a walnut glass display unit on the wall that was over-cluttered and not complimenting the wall. We kept the beautiful antique plates that was in the display cupboard and fixed them directly onto the wall. Teresa loves the creative stickers for wall art so we used her original stickers but just placed them on these two walls to add an artistic flair. The dining table legs and chairs will be painted white. The chairs will be reupholstered with beautiful fabric from Hertex. It is good to keep your dining table clean and tidy as this is a great space that gets used a lot for after-school creative activities or catching up on homework or work. If you feel that it is too empty for your liking then add a gorgeous bowl of fruit.

corner wall 2

There was no shelving in this corner. In order to create a more modern feel we added white floating shelving to display the family pictures and antique ornaments. It is important when trying to keep your space lighter that you don’t over-clutter one space or corner, rather keep the items that have the most value and sell the others. You want your space to create positive energy.

tv wall 1

photo wall 1

Teresa started their own family photo wall but did not know how to complete the look. On the newly painted white walls we painted frames and made black and white copies of her family photos on canvas and added them into the painted frames. Be quirky and add a mirror and big clock to add that extra detail to create a feature wall in the space. We used two of her original chairs to create a more intimate and cosy space by covering them with bold colour fabric from Hertex to get the lighter and modern look and used one of her original side tables in the middle. We also added two scatter cushions to add the texture and comfortable feeling.

sample board 5

We used the original big sofa and reupholstered it with striking fabric from Hertex so that the sofa immediately catches the eye and that it creates that WOW factor. Long length curtains were added and a full-length walnut cupboard to store all the unnecessary ornaments in so that the room feels more modern and organized. The new Mimico Storage coffee table has space to add books in and can also be used as an ottoman. A tall floor lamp has been added instead of the small lights on the side table. We replaced the outdated wooden lamp shade with a modern copper pendant that will still have that vintage feel but will also never be old-fashioned.

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