Sunshine to Cobalt in 30 minutes (more or less!)

We have been doing so many blue-inspired posts this month that I ended up getting completely inspired myself and decided to redo the living room. AGAIN. Now, I know what you may think: that I have serious commitment issues. But I don’t – I just have a very short attention span! So by reshuffling a few accessories and painting the yellow walls in a beautifully rich cobalt blue (Plascon Oceanos), I (yet again!) have a brand new living room!


You may remember that this is what I did to revamp the old fireplace in February for under R1000.

c 3

So this is what I did in 30 mins. Okay, so it was more like an hour because I had to wait for the paint to dry between coats, but it was totally worth it! c 1

I added a quick coat of white to the frame on the mantle as well and then grouped it with some other white items that I had around the house.

 v 6 - watermarked

Now my onion print also takes pride of place in the room – see how I picked up the cobalt in the painting?

For more inspiring colour ideas, get your copy of’s DIY & Syle Issue here!

Happy Painting!


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