6 things that are going to be trending for your table this year

table + cloth table trends

It’s always been a guilty pleasure of mine come every January to bury myself in trend forecasts for the year. I am one of the few people around that actually enjoy change, hence new trends excite me. However, the secret with trends are to incorporate them in a subtle manner. That is where we often go wrong. Incorporating new trends on your tabletop is a great way to give your house a breath of fresh air and it’s definitely easier on the wallet. Let’s look at the 6 things that are going to be trending for your table this year.

Shades of Green

table + cloth table trends
Table runners and napkins available in Delicious Monster fabric at Table + Cloth

Master Pantone has spoken and I am thrilled! I have always been a big fan of green and all hues of it. The best part of green is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Lighter shades of green are great for informal table settings while the darker green shades are the epitome of style. If you are not a fan of green, there are plenty of gorgeous jewel tones that will add a dash of sparkle to your table setting!

This gorgeous Delicious Monster fabric from Lula Fabrics is not only spot on in terms of colour, but also as tropical plant prints continue to flourish.

Mixed Metals

table + cloth table trends

Let’s all admit to overdoing it on the copper front last year. Don’t despair – metals are still in but more muted finishes like bronze is a lot more classic. If you are stuck with loads of copper candlesticks combine it with other metals. An even more creative combination would be to combine metal with rougher materials like these gorgeous concrete holders from Notation Design. Unexpected pairings are bound to be very popular.

 Desert Chic

table + cloth table trends

The desert trend certainly goes well with the darker green and warmer terracotta colours so it makes sense that it would be hot right now. Layer your table with cloths collected from your travels and add these lovely terracotta planters as table accessories. When it’s not used on the table, accessorize the rest of the home with it.

Choose Wisely

table + cloth table trends

When and where you can, choose handmade. We are all gravitating towards a more curated + handcrafted lifestyle. Choosing quality over quantity should be the goal for 2017. These hand-made salad spoons and oval wooden platters are authentic and perfect for the table top.

Patterns Galore

table + cloth table trends
Table runners and napkins available in Delicious Monster fabric at Table + Cloth

There is no time like the present to mix patterns and colours – it’s allowed and it’s fun! Try it!

Clever Styling

Sustainability and practicality is key to a better 2017. At Table + Cloth, I am quite pedantic when sourcing table accessories because I believe that it should be used elsewhere in the house when not used on the table. Let’s be all about reusing and repurposing our decor accessories.

I hope this New Year holds plenty of laughter + happiness around the table with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be thoughtful and cozy.

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