Trend #9: Jewels, pastels & acid

The colour palette is quite interesting this year with its harking back to the 90’s. I am sure we all remember the craze for stone-washed jeans in bottle green, burgundy red and mustard. And can anyone forget that neon phase! Thankfully, the full blown version is not back screaming in our eyes, but rather it is a slightly shyer palette that is now adorning the catwalks and interiors.

Jewels & Metals.



Well these colours are back albeit slightly more sophisticated than the stoned-washed jeans hues. Soft jewel colours like amber, azure, ruby and emerald blend beautifully with copper and old gold.


Soft and dreamy, pastels have been on forefront of both fashion and interior trends for a few years running and they don’t look like they’ll be going anywhere soon.


dulux & plascon

Pair them with crisp white or black for an updated look.


Acid colours refer to the dyeing process and typically produce really sharp, vivid colours.


decor 4 all & plascon

With a wonderful selection of subdued, romantic and happy colours it’s easy to be bang on trend this year. For a full analysis of Plascon’s 2015 Trend Forecast, have a look at the post we did a few months ago.

Happy colouring!