DIY: Alternative Storage

Having a guest room is a luxury, especially if you have a growing family with space requirements. So if your guests usually end up on a sofa bed somewhere then you probably don’t really have anywhere for them to put their things. This problem really bothered me since our guests sleep in my husband’s office and I would’ve loved to have a wardrobe in there but there simply isn’t any space. So when I happened onto a clever idea and suddenly a random chair came into my life, I got busy painting!

 chair 2

The beauty of working with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ®, of course, is that you can apply it to anything. Now I know that’s what they say on the packaging, but seriously, look at the chair above! It had at least 3 previous coats on it and was flaking badly but this little miracle in a tin stuck without any protest.

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chair 1

Even a varnished chair didn’t stand a chance. And look at those sexy little feet – I just popped the legs into the tin as far as they would go, let the most of the excess runoff and then put it on a flat surface to dry.

Hanging chairs against a wall is not really anything new, but maybe all the possibilities have not yet been explored:  besides being the obvious solution to occasional seating, using a chair without a back also allows you to utilize it as a side table or bookshelf. And the cross-bars are of course the perfect place to hang some clothes. An old curtain rail provides the ideal bar to hook the feet into.

final shot

Here’s another great idea: I made a hat stand for my boys’ playroom out of white PVC conduit straights and bends, fitted together with cable ties. I first painted the conduit with 1 coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ® and then re-coated it once I’d put the whole together. I have to admit I didn’t fully expect the paint to stick – it’s PVC for crying out loud! – but it did. And it doesn’t scratch either: the last picture was taken 5 months after the first ones and it’s still perfect – even after daily abuse by 2 toddlers!

hat stand

Using PVC piping for a hat stand or coat rack is a very inexpensive way to add some additional hanging space to a small corner in a guest room. And as an added bonus, it looks very cool too!

Happy Painting!

germarie 200px

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, although the lovely people at Annie Sloan SA was kind enough to send us some wonderful paint to play with. For your paint needs, shop your chalk paint online here!