How to make a colour-dipped beaded chandelier

We have done many lights on the blog that by now, we don’t know where to put them anymore! This one that Margaux did for our book a few years ago has always been a favourite though. The Beaded Chandelier-trend, inspired by the Mud Chandelier, is still going strong and this beauty is suitable for both a formal and informal setting. Play around with the colours to suit your interior, and remember to enjoy the process! g x

This post was originally written by Margaux Tait and published in October 2015.

How to make a colour-dipped beaded chandelier

I simply love re-purposing items in a clever and unexpected way! This chandelier is a perfect example of how you can put an old, outdated lamp shade to good use. All it needed was a little magic with colour dipped fabric and marbles – yes, marbles!


It’s one of the featured projects from our book, so go on and get your copy packed with 75 DIY projects! There are some more awesome colour dipping projects in there!


Firstly I have used strips of inexpensive fabric lining and rolled marbles up in them secured by a knot. This knotting technique makes beautiful strings of fabric covered beads to decorate the structure of the chandelier.


With the structure done it was now onto giving it some colour. I did the colour dipping by diluting Chalk Paint with water. I usedĀ Henrietta mixed with Provence to create an ombre effect that has a contemporary feel.Ā Shop your chalk paint online here!


To finish off the chandelier, I did colour dipping on strings of paper clips. I usedĀ Antoinette for the top pink part andĀ Duck Egg Blue for the bottom. Then I created an elongated tail of paper clips at the bottom dipped in Paris Grey, finishing off the piece beautifully.


This is the perfect show stopper for my home and was lots of fun to do!


Happy styling,


Colour Pop Shutter: An Easy DIY Paint Project

As a spill-over from our upcycling projects last month, I thought it would be a good idea to share this super easy DIY paint project creating a colourful storage shutter with you.

I am forever looking for my favorite paint brush and twine in the workshop so have painted a small shutter that used to be a cupboard door in bright red Emperor’s Silk Chalk PaintĀ ā„¢ decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Now I have all my bits and bobs together in one place.Ā Here’s how I did it.

You will need

Chalk PaintĀ ā„¢ dccorative paint in Emperor’s Silk | Annie Sloan Soft Wax – clear | clean dry cloth | Annie Sloan Round bristle brush, no 8 | reclaimed shutter or cupboard door with louvers | portrait hooks

Shop your chalk paint online here!


Step 1

Clean up the dusty shutter and take off all the unwanted hardware like door handles. I’ve kept the hinges as they become hooks for keys. Now paint your shutter with Emperor’s Silk and get into all the nooks and crannies with your round bristle brush. Use a smaller artist brush to work around the hinges. I have not diluted the paint so only had to apply one coat (simply because I’m a bit impatient). Let the paint dry.


Step 2

Use your cloth to wax the shutter. Some good advise I got from the paint technique guruĀ Lisa Spaarwater (Lemon and Lilac) is to use it like you would an expensive moisturizer: a little bit goes a long way. Use a little elbow grease and buff it up to a have a subtle sheen which intensifies the colour.


Step 3

After the wax has cured you are ready to add the finishing touches. I’ve used portrait hooks and simply slipped them in between the louvers to hang my twine and brush from. For inspirational pictures or the Annie Sloan colour pallet I have used dolly pegs. If you love dolly pegs as much as we do, have a look at Germarie’s post a while back called 7 Ways with Darling Dolly Pegs for some other great ideas on how to use them.


Done and dusted

I simply love the pop of color in my dusty workshop and especially the way it contrasts against the grey bricks. I now have my goodies all in one place and feel super organised.


I had lots of fun doing this easy DIY and hope it inspires you to do the same.

Happy styling,


DIY: Quick patio wall makeover with upcycled shutters

We recently painted the house a lovely tone of grey and I’d always wanted to add a focal point on the empty patio wall leading to the front door.

As luck would have it I foundĀ a few old shutter doors in the shed and with a lick of paint and a bit of imagination turned them into a lovely focal trilogy.

I’ll show you just how easy it was in the following steps.


You will need

  • x3 Reclaimed shutters
  • Ā Decorative Chalk PaintĀ® by Annie Sloan (Paris Grey, Provence, Greek Blue) *
  • Annie Sloan soft wax (clear) *
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Sandpaper (200 grit)
  • x6 Moulding hooks
  • x6 Nail-in-anchor nails
  • Drill

*Ā Shop your chalk paint online here!


Step 1

Clean your reclaimed shutters so that they are free of dirt and grime. Apply one coat of paint and leave to dry before adding a top coat in the same or a different colour.

I have used my colours on the three shutters as follows. Shutter 1: Only Paris Grey. Shutter 2: Undercoat in Paris Grey with a top coat in Provence. Shutter 3: Undercoat in Louis Blue with a top coat in Paris Grey.

This way the three shutters’ colours echo each other and work together as a unit.


Step 2

Sand down the top coat to reveal as much of the bottom coat colour as you prefer. Press harder on the edges to reveal the wood and beautiful imperfections you want to highlight.


Step 3

Seal your paint with a layer of clear wax. Simply ‘moisturize’ the wood with your lint-free cloth.


Step 4

After the paint and wax have cured, drill a hole big enough for your nail-in-anchor screws to fit through at the top and bottom centre of the shutter. Now simply measure up the wall and secure them in place.


Step 5

Picture rail hooks add to the old world charm of these shutters and are pretty handy as they give your air plants something to hang from.


Step 6

My recently acquired collection of air plants are now proudly on display at the front door. I secured the bigger ones with a little piece of natural twine to the picture rail hooks just to be sure they don’t blow away.


Step 7

I wanted to add a focal point to the centre shutter and have had this little ceramic bird (bought at Flowers in the foyer) for ages without having a proper use for it. Looks like she’s finally found her nest … or so I thought!

I was almost 100% sure that she was secured to the air plant but clearly not. A gush of wind blew her from her nest and I found her in pieces on the patio! Luckily it as a ‘good break’ so I will be able to glue her back together.

Learn from my mistake! Double secure your plants and ornaments with twine to the shutters.


All done!

It really couldn’t have been easier and it feels great having found a new purpose for these little-forgotten shutters in the shed.


Now it’s your turn to shop around the house, garage or shed to find the perfect upcycling project.

Happy styling,


Colour dipped pillow box with Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ®

Ā®Isn’t it lovely to finally find a good use for empty toilet rolls! I love recycling and if I can do it creatively, all the better.

Ā®Turn your cast-away toilet rolls into little pillow boxes in a few easy steps and finish them off with a dash of colour.

I have used Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® in Provence, Antoinette and Louis Blue (this is my favourite combination from our Christmas 2014 palette). Shop your chalk paint online here!


Step by step

1. Take the empty toilet roll and remove all leftover traces of glue and paper

2. Push it flat so it’s got folds on both sides

3. Create half moon shapes by pushing in the top 1cm of the sides towards the centre of the roll

4. The sides must overlap so the contents of the box don’t fall out


Finish it off

Do these folds for the top and the bottom of the roll so when done it resembles a pillow. Hence the name!


Color dipping

I have folded the pillow box first and then unfolded it to color dip. Post-dipping folding is easier if there are folds to work with!

Simply take the roll and dip it into the first paint colour (we have used Louis Blue here). Let it dry and then dip into the second colour (Antoinette).


Leave to dry and then fold again on the folds you have created before and voila! All done.


These pillow boxes are great for jewelry or even seed packets as gifts!

Happy styling,

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Hand printed gift wrap with stencil and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I found this great Bambi shape in a book and had to trace it to make a stencil immediately. You can do this with just about any shape: place tracing paper over the image and use a pencil to trace the outline. Then place the tracing paper pencil lines down onto stiff card and use the back of the pencil to rub off the lines onto the card. Cut out the shape precisely with a craft knife on a cutting mat. Why not start your own collection?

So to give my Bambi extra flair I added a pattern layer to create this effect. It’s so easy you will laugh but looks like a million bucks. The best part is that I will reuse the Bambi on fabric as a herb heart to keep the moths at bay!

Let me take you through the DIY step by step.

I have used Provence and Antoinette (to color dip the lace) from the Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® palette. Shop your chalk paint online here!


You’ll need:

Lace or crochet fabric | Stencil | Unprinted newspaper | Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® | Lace


Step 1:

Place your fabric on top of the unprinted newspaper and then add the stencil on top. Make sure that the holes in the fabric is big enough for the paint to get through to the paper to make a clear print. Now simply take a sponge roller and with pressured strokes paint the cut out section.


Step 2:

Leave the paper and the fabric to dry. See how sweet the print came out on the fabric!


Step 3:

Color dip a piece of lace by using Antoinette diluted with water and submerging the lace to soak for a while. Hang up to dry and see how it transformed the lace with the subtle pink.


All done! Quick and easy right?


I hope you try this one and have lots of fun with different shapes, colors and textures.

Happy styling,

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Hand printed gift wrap with empty rolls and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

My cat loves playing with empty toilet rolls as they make a sound and move and that’s all she needs. Finally I got a good use for them as I’ve always wanted to explore different DIY options with them.

Early next week I will share another splendid use for the toilet roll cast away by turning it into a pillow box.

For this project I have used Provence and English Yellow from the Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® color palette.Ā Shop your chalk paint online here!


You will need:

Empty toilet roll | Unprinted newspaper | Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ®


Step 1:

Shape your empty toilet roll into a heart by giving it a bend at the top to form the two lobes and a pinch at the bottom to form the point. How sweet is this? I love it!


Step 2:

Paint even spaced blocks with your Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® in Provence (the color not the place – unless you happen to be there of course!). Let it dry.



Step 3:

Dip the edge of your heart shaped roll into Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® in English Yellow and stamp in on the blocks that you have just painted. Try to make it interesting by not doing them all dead straight but one or two just a little twisted.


Step 4:

Color dip paraffin lamp wick by diluting a bit of Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® in English Yellow with water. Submerse the wick and let it soak before you hang it up to dry.


Step 5:

After I did the heart I just couldn’t get myself to toss it away … so I incorporated it with the color dipped wick so the receiver of this gift can also use it as a stamp – the gift that keeps on giving!


I simply made two holes through the sides of the heart and threaded the ribbon through. Voila!

Happy styling,

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Hand printed gift wrap with egg carton and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Egg cartons have so many uses in my house. I often use it as a drying rack for a paint project or even as storage for small items in a drawer. I love the shape and were so happy to incorporate it into my hand-printed gift wrap series.

Upon closer inspection I realized that if you turn the carton upside down it makes perfectly spaced circles.

We have used these three colors from the Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® palette.Ā Shop your chalk paint online here!


Louis Blue – Pair this pastel with white for a fine Rococo look or combine with brights for a vintage retro aesthetic.

Antoinette – This soft pale pink takes inspiration from the dusky wall colors and decorative pieces of 18th century French interiors.

Provence – Recalling the shutters and doors of the South of France, this color works equally well for a modern look.


You will need:

Egg carton | Unprinted newspaper | Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ®


Step 1:

Simply paint the back of the cartons circles in different colors with a brush.


Step 2:

Turn the carton back up and stamp it on your sheet of unprinted newspaper. Apply even pressure on the carton when stamping. Repeat the pattern. You might have to re-apply the paint as you go along.


Step 3:

I color dipped a paraffin lamp wick to finish off the gift. Simply dilute a bit of Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® with some water. Add theĀ lamp wick, submerge it into the mixture and let it soak for a few minutes. Then hang up to dry and voila!


I simply love the final effect! It’s like wax seals in different colors and makes a fun and playful pattern.

Happy styling,

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Hand printed gift wrap with bubble wrap and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Finally I found a good use for my rolling pin! This little DIY is so simple and makes a very good impression as gift wrap.

The tiny air pockets of the bubble wrap becomes polka dots and by combining two colors from our Annie Sloan palette it adds a fun element.

We have used Napoleonic Blue and Antibes Green.Ā Shop your chalk paint online here!


This is a simple DIY that you can get the kids to help out with. It’s loads of fun!


You will need:

Rolling pin | Bubble wrap | Unprinted newspaper | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Napoleonic Blue and Antibes Green

Step 1:

Wrap a strip of bubble wrap around your rolling pin and secure it with double sided tape.


Ā Step 2:

Paint the bubble wrap (with the air pocket side up) in two color ways in bands all around.


Step 3:

Roll the rolling pin on your unprinted newspaper to form bands of dots.


Step 4:

I have used a paraffin lamp wick as a finishing touch in yellow. Simply dilute a bit of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in English Yellow with water. Submerge your ribbon and let it soak for a few minutes before hanging up to dry.


It’s as easy as that! Hope you have lots of fun with this one.

Happy styling,

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Hand printed gift wrap with twine and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We all love receiving a gift no matter how big or small. Make your gifts extra special by printing the paper by hand. It’s loads of fun and the kids will love it too so get them involved.

I will be featuring six different wrapping paper DIY’s all done with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint over the next few days. The best part is that I’ve really used what I had around the house like twine, bubble wrap, empty toilet rolls, egg cartons and printed it all on unprinted newspaper.

Let’s start off the gift wrapping bonanza with this wonderful circular twine print in two colors selected from our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint palette. Shop your chalk paint online here!

Louis Blue – Pair this pastel with white for a fine Rococo look or combine with brights for a vintage retro aesthetic.

Antoinette – This soft pale pink takes inspiration from the dusky wall colors and decorative pieces of 18th century French interiors.


You will need:

Circular lid | Clear packaging tape | Natural twine | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in two colors (we have used Louis Blue and Antoinette) | Sheet of unprinted newspaper


Step 1:

Reclaim a nice size lid from the kitchen cupboard and get your natural twine.

Step 2:

Tape down the start of your twine to the inside of the lid so that it stays put.

Step 3:

In a circular motion, wrap the twine around the lid until you are happy.

Step 4:

Tape down the end of the clear packaging tape so that it all stays nicely in place when you stamp and cut the remaining twine off.


Step 5:

Paint the top of the lid with the two colors to cover the twine. You might have to reapply a coat or two depending on the amount of times you have to stamp on your paper. Otherwise the pattern will be very faded.

Step 6:

Stamp down the painted twine onto the paper and apply even pressure to get a clear print. Continue until you are happy with the amount of circles you have on your sheet.


Step 7:

Leave to dry and take the twine off your lid. I have incorporated it into the wrapping also by leaving it to dry and then wrapping it around the gift as you would with a ribbon. I love not having to toss it in the bin and think it’s the perfect finishing touch to the look of the gift with a contemporary twist.


All done!


I love the subtle pattern and geometric forms it creates. This was so easy and quick I will definitely recommend you try this at home.

Happy styling,

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Annie Sloan – vintage fork name tags

I have inherited my great grandmother’s cutlery set and cherish it dearly. It is not a very expensive one and have seen better days but the shapes of the forks are wonderful and I love the rustic feel of the aged metal.

Forks make the perfect name tag or place card holders on a table setting and look great if they are colour dipped for a fun element.

Try this technique in a few easy steps with old or new forks to add a little fun on your Christmas table.


Give your old or new set of forks a good scrub down.



Dip the back and front of the fork in Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ®.Ā Shop your chalk paint online here!



Balance the forks on a glass jar for it to dry. You can also use an old egg carton.



Cut brown card into strips and stamp your guests names on it. (If you don’t have a stamp kit you can simply write the names but I would highly recommend you invest in one. It changed my life!

Buy your full alphabet set set online from I Love This And That.



Now simply slide the card in between the teeth of the color dipped fork and use it as a name tag on your beautifully decorated Christmas table.




We have based our Christmas blog posts around this wonderful palette featuring six selected colours from the Annie Sloan colour chart.

1. Ā Louis BlueĀ Pair this pastel with white for a fine Rococo look or combine with brights for a vintage retro aesthetic

2. Ā AntoinetteĀ This soft pale pink takes inspiration from the dusky wall colours and decorative pieces of 18th century French interiors

3. Ā ProvenceĀ Recalling the shutters and doors of the South of France, this colour works equally well for a modern look

4. Ā Antibes GreenĀ Not only found in the neoclassical palette, but also on rustic country furniture from Ireland and the south of France

5. Ā Napoleonic BlueĀ This colour takes inspiration from Ultramarine and Cobalt Blue pigments used for decorative work in neoclassical interiors

6. Ā English YellowĀ Inspired by hand-painted Chinese wallpaper and the development of Chrome Yellow pigment in the 1700


The best part … you can WIN all six these Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® colors by entering our competition!

Visit the Annie Sloan website to find your nearest stockist of amazing Chalk PaintĀ®.

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