Inspired UPcycling

What does a bicycle, a suitcase and a meat grinder have in common? They all make fabulous upcycling projects! Be inspired by a few very clever creations we have found for you on the web.

Unchained bicycle chandelier

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga created these super inspirational upcycled chandeliers made from bike chains. They have an industrial steam punk feel to them which I love.

Have a look at her shop on


New age cycling

Let’s reinvent the wheel so to speak by using it as lighting, a wall clock or clothing rail.


Lights, camera …

Re-purposing vintage cameras into lighting adds a playful retro element to the home.


Retro Bender on

Conversation starters

Make a bold statement with this retro tv-unit-turned-bar! We watch tv way too much in any case.

Beautiful cut glass decanters turned into pendant lights are simply genius.


Suitcase reinvention

This is not a new concept but still so very clever. Use suitcases as shelving, tables and storage that even the cat will approve of.

Ki Nassauer, editor-in-chief of Fleamarket Style magazine and founder of JunkMarket, a monthly sale of vintage and repurposed finds, knows a diamond in the rough when she sees it. This has earned her the nickname “The Martha Stewart of Junk.”


Ki Nassauer Atomic Attic on

Old school

Turn inherited doilies into a whimsical chair cover or festive bunting.


As good as new

Stitch together vintage handkerchiefs to create a curtain that will brighten up any unsightly view. Alternatively, you can use left over fabric to cover buttons or use as cocktail napkins.



Kitchen classics

I simply love this stately meat grinder turned into a pendant light and think it would be lovely in a kitchen. Buy this item online at

Use old knife handles as table weights to keep your tablecloth in place when dining outside.

Re-purpose old French linen into a handy apron that looks stylish too.


Hope you had a good giggle at some of these fun upcycling products and found some inspiration to have a go at your own.

Happy styling,