DIY no sew bunting – scrapbook paper

Go have a look at your local craft shops scrap-booking paper isle. Even if you are not into the hobby you will be surprised at what beautiful designs they stock. I simply can’t get enough and now have a whole collection that comes in handy for all sorts of DIY projects like this super easy bunting.

You will need

Scrap booking paper with lettering | Pair of scissors | Small craft pegs | Natural twine


Cut, peg and hang!

Simply cut out your letters and attached it to your twine with the peg. Hang it up wherever you feel you need a bit of detail in your home.


My decorative antlers came in very handy as natural hooks to hang the bunting from and makes an impressive statement contrasting against the chalkboard background.


Happy styling,

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DIY no sew bunting – ribbons

I spend way too much money on ribbon but always seem to comfort myself by knowing it never goes to waste and it doesn’t make me fat. A while ago I found this ribbon that has a ticket design printed on it. Perfect for bunting!

You will need

Ribbon | Pair of scissors | Small pegs | Natural twine


Cut, peg and hang!

It’s as simple as that. Cut your ribbon into separate ‘tickets’.


Peg them to the twine and hang it up.


You can also try this same method with any ribbon or pieces of fabric.

Happy styling,

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DIY no sew bunting – paper flags

I have a stack of unprinted Chinese money (or so I was told) that is simply wonderful with its subtle texture and metallic block. I have them in two sizes and they make the perfect name tag on a contemporary table setting and now also as bunting to set the festive tone as guests walks into the garden.

You will need

Natural twine | Unprinted money or scrap-booking paper | Stapler


Fold, staple and ta-daaa!

Simply fold the top of the paper over and staple the flags in place on both edges. Space them evenly and then hang multiple strands in a tree to add visual interest.


The bright orange block and metallic overlay makes for a festive display!


Happy styling,

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DIY no sew bunting – doily hearts

I have had these doily hearts for more than a decade and have used them in lots of different ways. If you can’t find this shape in the shops, go for the usual round variety that would work just as well.

You will need

Doilies in the shape of your choice | Natural twine


Only one step!

Simply thread your twine through the top of the doily and space them as evenly as you can.


Now simply hang them up out or inside and to steal the show!


Happy styling,

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DIY no sew bunting – intellectual high

I am a firm believer that it’s not really a party without bunting!

Therefore I am sharing with you five no sew two step bunting tutorials this week so you have no excuse not to include this festive element to last you throughout the year.

First up … put your old paperbacks that’s half eaten by moths to good use by turning the precious pages into bunting flags.

If you cringe at the thought of this rather scan and print pages out of a book for the same effect.

You will need:

String of natural twine | Heart shaped punch | Old paperback novel or printed pages thereof | Stapler


Step 1

Tear the pages carefully from the paperback and cut the heart shape with your punch at the bottom. Keep the heart shaped confetti as they would be a lovely echo on your table setting. Alternatively keep the confetti for a later date.


Step 2 

Fold over the top of the page and string the twine through it. Secure it all in place with a stapler on each side of the fold over.


All done in two easy steps!

If you are hanging your bunting outside remember to rather take it down by the evening so it doesn’t damage. Pack it away nicely and you will be able to use it over and over again for all sorts of festivities.


Happy styling,

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Garlands galore

Add some festive cheer to your interior with these gorgeous garlands.

I have found some fresh new takes on it and I’m sure you will find one that fits your Christmas theme beautifully. Garlands are so versatile – you don’t only wrap them around a Christmas tree but also use them around door frames, grouped together in vertical strands to create a backdrop, hung from a branch, suspended above your table setting or even around the garden to welcome guests.

Start a new tradition and get the family involved by making these a week before the big event to help build excitement around the house.


Starry, starry night

Make strings of golden stars (or buy them at and group them together to form a back drop or to create a focus wall. It will really come to life behind your desert table!

Suspend these pretty floral paper garlands from the ceiling to create some extra festive cheer.


When you wish upon a star …

Get letters cut from your laser-cutter and string them up against a chalkboard surface for a contrasting effect. If you don’t want to go that far, simply print letters in a nice font on your home printer and cut it out of sheet music or yellowed paper for a vintage effect.

If you are after a quick fix, this is it! Simply use circular gold stickers and twine to create this contemporary garland.


Touched by nature

Suspend a branch and hang decorations or even little match boxes in different lengths as a advent calender.

Decorate a door frame with pine cones dipped in glitter or lightly spray painted in the colour of your choice. Metallic works well as it contrasts nicely with the pine cone and adds a little glam!


Trend alert!

Feathers are popping up everywhere as a decor trend. This Christmas dip a few in glitter or make your own clay feathers and paint them in tribal patterns to finish it off beautifully.


Show stoppers

Combine different shapes and overlap the garlands to make this stunning backdrop. Pink, blue and black is a such a fresh modern palette. Use your paper punch to create shapes of the same size and shape.


Fabric bunting and strands

Find a good way to recycle fabric offcuts by cutting them into tiny bunting flags and stringing them on some butchers twine. It’s a casual shabby chic look that will work well in a garden setting. Alternatively you can simply tear up strips of fabric and tie them on a piece of string to create a ruffled effect.

garland_fun mommo-design

Festive fun

Use inexpensive cupcake wrappers and string them up in a garland. They come in all sizes and colors so will be a visual treat. Tomorrow I will show you how to combine them with fairy lights in our easiest Homeology DIY ever! Don’t miss it!

Create graphic bunting by using multicolored straws.

Marshmallows add a snow-like feel to a setting and you can always roast them on the fire as desert.

Happy styling,

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