Choose the right wall color

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right wall color for your interior. The desired effect you want will be determined by the color you choose.

In the hardware store we are often overwhelmed with all the different options of paint color available so I have found a few very handy tips and some good advice before you take the big step.

Time of day

Color are effected by what’s around it and also the time of day. Paint a few A4 size blocks on the wall you want to change and live with it for a while to see which one works best for you.


Color match

We are always spreading the gospel of keeping a visual diary. When it comes to choosing paint color, it comes in especially handy. Keep paint swatches, fabric and photographs of colors you love and let your friendly paint consultant match it for you in store.


Different paint options

There are three types of paint to choose from. Matt, glossy or satin. Choose glossy for smaller details, matt to hide any flaws and satin to bounce light into the room.


Careful color

If you love a bright and intense color but fear that it would be too overwhelming painting the entire room in it, opt to use it on a focal wall. This way it still adds a pop of color without being overbearing.


Temperature check

If you have a dim lit room that feels chilly the moment you walk in the door, try painting it in a warm tone paint to give it a more cozy feel. The same goes for a warm room that needs cooling down.


Now be bold and go to the hardware store armed and ready with your new-found knowledge on choosing the right paint.

Happy styling,

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