A Watercolour Christmas.

For many families, the end of the year is a mad rush towards the holidays: school plays and exams, final projects, big events and oh my goodness, the lists: shopping lists, packing lists, endless to-do lists before everything can wind down and we can take that well deserved break.

So instead of bombarding you with that perfect Christmas table setting that you know is almost impossible to achieve and handmade gifts that you in all honestly should have started making around August, we want to show how to do things calmly and easily. Projects that won’t take days to complete, that you can do with your kids while you’re sipping a cocktail on the patio. There’s been way too much hectic activity this year, so let us ease you into the holidays with the most therapeutic of mediums: watercolour. It’s something that has been in and out of fashion over the last few decades but we’d like to show you a modern take on simple yet personal gifts, home decor and table decorations for the festive season.

And with that, we’re ushering in a Watercolour Christmas: soft, flowy colours and calming accessories to ease you through the holidays and into the new year. Here are a few ideas to get you in the mood.

watercolour DIY gift ideas

We’ll be showing you inspiring projects over the next 6 weeks: painted table linen, watercolour centerpieces, painted ceramics, gift ideas and of course, our annual alternative Christmas Tree.

Get your watercolour out and get ready!


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