6 expert tips to creating the best Christmas table

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To me, Christmas equals cookies, corny carols, the smell of cinnamon + watching Love Actually. It’s the time of year when one can just be merry for the sake of it. Christmas carols always put a goofy grin on my face but hey, who’s watching? It’s so easy however to get caught up in the end-of-year mania and before you know it, it’s no fun at all. I believe that planning is essential and it certainly helps with getting on your Christmas cheer. So here are my top tips to help you set a magical + festive Christmas table.

  1. Bottom line: you need foliage!

christmas table decoration

… and what better foliage than Cape Indigenous Foliage. If you are not familiar with Andrea’s Topiary Creations yet, you will be as delighted as I was when I first discovered it. The smell of these eucalyptus wreaths is simply divine. Pop a few candles in the middle of the wreath to transform your front door decoration into a table accessory. As you will see in this post, I love using table decor that can also be used elsewhere in the house 😉

  1. Tree decoration by night…table decoration by day

christmas table decoration

Christmas tree ornaments make for beautiful table decorations. Steal a few from the back of your Christmas tree or from the bottom if your tree is already strategically placed in a corner. I normally place the decorations on either the side of dinner plate with a personalized name tag.

  1. An “out of the box” centerpiece

christmas table decoration

I always look for something unique to use as a centerpiece. These macrame centerpiece designs from ForgetmeKnots are incredibly beautiful + once again so versatile. After Christmas, use it as a wall hanging anywhere in your home.

  1. It needs to smell like Christmas

christmas table decoration

I have been hanging on to these candles for the past 2 years after moving back from New York. I wish I could describe the smell but it’s impossible. Scented candles have become mandatory for my Christmas table and luckily it’s become quite popular in South Africa. There are some great options to choose from locally – try Yankee Candle’s festive range or Crabtree and Evelyn’s Festive Fig Botanical.

  1. Boast with your heritage

christmas table decoration

We live in such a vibrant country and continent and should embrace our summer Christmas. These colourful woven baskets are great solutions for table decor in the form of bread baskets or centerpieces containing festive baubles. They are so versatile that I can guarantee it will become part of your home decor when not used on the table.

  1. Joy

This is probably the most important table accessory you need, because what would a beautiful table be with a joyless bunch around it? Replace the nostalgia or sadness about the past with being merry in the present. I am sure Frank Sinatra’s “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” can help you get your jingle on!

Be sure to peruse the Festive category of Table + Cloth’s collection  to load up on your Christmas table decorations.

Merry Christmas!!


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