A new take on the Christmas Tree

Every year, I try to create an alternative tree for Christmas. I think it’s because we live in country where December typically is sweltering and snowflakes and fir trees just don’t make sense to me under the circumstances!

I really had to dig deep to come up with something different this year, but I have to admit that I am thrilled with the result!

We have long since sung the praised of both the teepee and pennygum, and in this project the 2 come together to produce and impressive tree that smells great as well.

I constructed a basic teepee frame with 6 pieces of bamboo, all 2m long, and then fixed pennygum branches to it with twine. It was really simple and quick to make, and what I love about it most, is that although it’s quite big, it doesn’t appear to be this heavy thing in the corner.

Alternative Christmas Tree DIY

I chose to adorn the folliage with a collection of white, wood and silver ornaments instead of going colourful. The lovely green-grey leaves are already such a beautifully soft colour that I didn’t want any other colours to compete with it.

Alternative Christmas Tree decorations

I made the white clay hearts and stars with the printed wishes on them for our tree a few years ago. It’s as simple as rolling out the air dry clay and using a cookie cutter to create the hearts and stars. Remember to make a small hole for the string! Use a stamp to create the personal wishes and allow to dry before you string them up!

Alternative Christmas Tree Alternative Christmas Tree Alternative Christmas Tree Alternative Christmas Tree

Please share your alternative Christmas Trees with us – we’d love to see what you’re getting up to this festive season!

Alternative Christmas Tree 1

Happy Trimming!