DIY good enough to wear – happy bag

This bag has been hanging on display in my entrance hall for years. I have always loved it but it needed a little something to truly make it shine.

With a lick of paint (in my favourite colours!) I transformed it into a more contemporary piece that’s now good enough to wear!


The dated display in my entrance hall. I have since moved on to a less rustic approach in my decor style so this area needed a facelift.



I simply love the colour combination of grey and yellow. This DIY was super easy, just the way I like it. Minimum effort with maximum effect. Continue reading to see how I did it.


Step 1

Measure out the bottom and the top line with a pencil.


Step 2

Now draw out a solid line to ensure that the stripes are straight once painted.



I’ve used Annie Sloan Chalkboard Paint in English Yellow and Paris Grey because it goes on almost any surface and you don’t need to prime at all! You can dilute the paint a little with water to make it easier to apply.

Shop your chalk paint online here!


Step 3

Now simply paint your bottom stripe with even strokes.


Keep the texture

I love the fact that my stripes are not solid but rather still show the texture of the beautiful weave.


Step 4

Let your grey stripe dry a little and then start on the yellow.


Handy hint

I have found these bags at my local hardware store and use them to paint on. They wipe off easily and are very inexpensive.



It’s only after I painted the bag that I decided that it’s now pretty enough to wear. So I guess I’ll have to find a new piece display in the entrance hall!


This DIY affirmed again how easy and inexpensive it is to transform almost anything with a lick of paint.

Happy styling,

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