7 inspiring home office styles and colour palettes

Here at Homeology we have a saying: “always blur the lines between work and play”. Your home office should reflect your own mantra and I have selectedĀ 7 inspiring home office styles and colour palettes that reflect different moods. Hope they inspire!

Seriously fun

Go all out with this bright and cheerful colour combinationĀ of mint, red and pink. The canvas is white so the colours pop and are sure to inspire creativity for anyone sitting behind the desk. brightbazaar


Gorgeous and graphic

The crisp white desk, chair and pin board are subtly contrasted with the exposed wood wall. The texture of the wood grain adds warmth to the office and is echoed by the desk lamp. This fresh colour palette is achieved only with accessories so can be changed whenever you feel like it. madefromscratch


Trend setter

This home office plays with geometric and triangular shapes on the wall and in the art work on the desk. The peachy tone contrasts beautifully against the light and dark grey focal wall. bettinaholst


Retro masculine

This very sophisticated colourĀ combinationĀ suits the retro lines of the chair and accessories in this masculine home office.Ā fjeldborg


Artist in residenceĀ 

How lovely is this classic Vermeer print against the emerald green wall? The red chair gives a splash of colour against the muted background and add a modern twist. sageatelier


Magnificent monotone

If you are more monotone-inclined this might just be the home office for you. Sleek and modern with a sophisticated air. I love the over-sized lampshade! lovenordic


Subtle sophistication

Chalky tones set the mood in this dreamy home office. It’s calm and would work well if you have a super stressful job. bloglovin


I hope that at least one of these styles have inspired you to go out and have some fun creating your own unique home office.

Happy styling,