7 colour ways with Copper Orange

It’s been really interesting to follow the Dulux colour of the year, Copper Orange or Copper Blush as it is also referred to, and see how it is being combined with different colourways by designers and stylists. We have covered the trend extensively in our free downloadable e-book, Trend Guide 2015, and even showed you how to work the copper trend with my DIY copper dipped collection. I thought it a good idea to explore these 7 colour ways with copper orange that show fresh ways of incorporating the colour into your home.

#1 Copper Orange, Paprika and Pink

A modern take on colour with energy injected into the combination with the very popular Hot Paprika. The combination of geometric shapes and solid colour accents add to the trendy look. peterfehrentz


#2 Copper Orange, Paprika and Bleached Lichen

Happy, sleek and modern. The über trendy Scandi back chair is painted in Hot Paprika and the prints on the wall were casually taped with hot shades of Washi tape. The Bleached Lichen window sill is a great neutral for this colour scheme. elledecoration


#3 Copper Orange, Pink and Charcoal

A toned down colour scheme with metallic copper being the accent colour. I am still crazy about the copper pipe thing! thelovelyside


#4 Copper Orange, Yellow and Pink

We are still seeing lovely half painted walls and this one works particularly well in Copper Orange. The electric yellow used in the accessories is a fresh take and quite revolutionary. wonenonline


#5 Copper Orange, Blush Noisette and Creamy White

This is my favourite combination since I tend to always go a bit more subtle with colour in my home. It’s feminine and modern with beautiful clean lines. frenchyfancy


#6 Copper Orange, Warm Grey and Deep Grey

Hexagon wall art is another great trend we are seeing in all things decor. From floating shelves to wallpaper, it’s all the rage. In this industrial space the combination of greys used with Copper Orange really makes it pop. livethemma


#7 Copper Orange, Warm Neutral and Black

A bit of depth was added to this colour scheme by using black. It also defines the shapes of the retro chairs beautifully and Copper Orange is used together with metallic copper as accents. houseandhold


I’ve been seeing lots of inspiring interiors using the combination of Copper Orange and Hot Paprika and love the look it creates. I hope after these beautiful images that you’ll agree!

Happy Styling,