Watercolour Christmas – painted napkins DIY

To fit the painted tablecloth done earlier this week, it was just fitting to show you a few a painted napkins DIY that will fit the theme beautifully and complete your table linen for Christmas.

You will need:

Fabric paint – blue, turquoise and yellow

Eight fabric squares cut to 40 x 40 cm and edges off with and over-locker

Applicator sponge

Container and water

Medium size paint brush


Step 1:

Wet a strip of the fabric with your applicator sponge. This will help the paint to spread so that it creates a watercolour effect.


Step 2

Now add paint to the wet strip. We started at the bottom of the napkin with blue, followed by turquoise above and ended it off with yellow.


Step 3

To break the monotony of the solid stripes I painted crisscross stripes with a dry brush to extend the yellow at the top of the napkin.


Step 4

I hung the napkins on our washing line and it was a huge mistake! Note to self: never do that again as the wet paint came off on the line and I had to wash it all down. Rather peg them to a piece of string suspended 2 chairs.


Left overs

For a bit of variation, I decided¬†to have two of them a bit more subtle than the painted napkins. I pressed the fabric down on the newspaper that I used underneath while painting the other napkins, and it made a beautiful¬†print onto the fabric. It’s a bit of a frottage effect and I love it!


All done

These napkins add the perfect colour splash to our watercolour Christmas table. They are fun and versatile and placed on top of the plates, they create a gorgeous display of colour.


I hope you try your hand at these! They are lots of fun to make and you can experiment with different designs and colours to your heart’s content!

Now, you may have noticed my amazing copper-dipped cutlery. It’s a short and sweet 1 minute wonder!


I bought this plastic cutlery set on sale and wanted to use it on our watercolour Christmas table. The only problem: because they are transparent, they would get totally lost when placed on my very colourful napkins! So I decided to dip the beautifully detailed handles in copper craft paint.

And the effect was very interesting!

Here’s what you’ll need for this super easy painted cutlery DIY:

Plastic cutlery

Copper craft paint (or any metallic craft paint of your choice)

Paper towel


One step wonder

I love doing one step DIY’s. Life is too short! Simply dip your handle in the copper paint and wipe the excess with the paper towel. It gives it a lovely distressed feel and the right amount of colour without taking away the transparency.


Expect the unexpected

So the most interesting thing is that the craft paint made these stunning watery patterns on the sections that I wiped almost clean of the paint. It sticks beautifully to the plastic but I won’t bargain on it surviving the first wash. You can always dip it in another colour for your next soiree.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these fun and easy-to-do projects – now, go and try it¬†yourself over the festive season!

Happy styling,



Watercolour Christmas – painted tablecloth DIY

This year we have made our Christmas shoot a big production: we created a watercolour table setting that we think fits the South African weather and way we celebrate the season best.

We will be sharing seven DIY projects all showcased in this lovely setting and of course some clever styling ideas and quick tricks over the next few weeks building up to Christmas Day.

First off, we start with our watercolour painted tablecloth DIY done with a lot of trail and error – but in the end, it’s a true show stopper!

You will need:

Fabric cut to size and the edges finished off

Fabric paint in blue and turquoise

Applicator sponge

Empty container and water



Step 1:

I started by creating dry brush strokes in a crisscross fashion in the middle of the tablecloth. I used blue and turquoise fabric paint to keep within the color palette for our watercolour Christmas this year. I used these two colours as my primary tones throughout all of the projects that you’ll see over the next few weeks.


Step 2:

I wanted the strokes to blend more so I used a normal sponge and vigorously rubbed out the paint stripes with water so it would flow better.


Step 3:

Just for fun, I diluted a little of the blue fabric paint with water and splattered it in and round the painted area on the tablecloth for visual interest. Very expressive!


Step 4

Now carry the fabric out and hang to dry – but be careful! My tablecloth was still very wet and I dripped paint all over the floor on the way out which I had to mop up. The drip lines on the fabric look awesome though, so all is well that ends well!


Step 5:

I ironed the tablecloth just to make¬†double sure that the colours won’t fade over time. Alternatively, you could use fabric podge to cover the colour which will¬†make it easy to clean with a simple wipe. Most good craft shops stock a range of them.


And there she is! I love the subtle brush strokes down the middle and the watery outline that fits our theme beautifully . It’s a fun and less formal look that is perfect for a beach or pool side Christmas.

Happy styling,



Watercolour murals

There has been a big boom in wall finishes the past few years: we have seen very creative focal walls done in different mediums from specialized paint and cement finishes to beautiful wallpapers. I think it’s safe to say that if you don’t have one in your home you are probably immune to inspiration!¬† But we are going to prevail and try to inspire you anyway! In line with our watercolour theme we have found some very creative and fun watercolour murals to share with you.

Art Class

Bright and bold watercolour stains create a lovely energy to a room. The colours remind me of art class and I simply love them! It’s very refreshing to see unexpected colour combinations like these.


picslovin.com architectureartdesigns.com


This is probably the easiest way to get a perfect watercolour stain on your wall – with wallpaper. I love the monotone stains and their watery feel will have a calming effect in any space.



Splash out

We have seen a lot of solid watercolour stains and so I simply love the dots on the wall on the left. It’s also done in the super fresh colour scheme of cobalt blue and white, reminding me of Delft crockery.


queenslandhomes.com.au thelifecreativeblog.com


This subtle watermark wall is super sophisticated and will live a little longer than most on the wall without dating.




If you’re not ready to commit to a watercolour wall but love the look, then it’s probably best you invest in some art. The wall hanging on the left and the squares right are both stunning and subtle while creating an impressive focal.


nynnerosenvinge.com brit.co


This is probably my favourite watercolour mural: soft and feminine, it might just be the perfect wall in a baby girl’s nursery.


thehousethatlarsbuilt.com bloglovin.com


Watercolour prints are very trendy at the moment and they’re available all over online shops like Etsy. Especially the world map seems to be particularly popular. I would love to do a pink Africa like the framed portrait on the right! Watch this space, it might be in the pipeline!


etsy.com anewall.com

I hope you have been inspired by all these watery walls!

Happy styling,


10 tips for using colour in a small room

In any small space, the traditional way of dealing with things would be to keep everything light and neutral to reflect light visually enlarge the room. We have proven that colour in a small space can work magic (see our tiny bathroom make-over here!) and the pictures below just confirm it. While you don’t have to be afraid to use colour in a small space, here are our 10 tips for using colour in a small room.

Pale and Pretty

colour in a small room neutral with a twist

Chelsea Life Design

1) keep the big furniture items and walls in a neutral colour so that they don’t overpower the room.

Wall Power

colour in a small room white out

marionery & Dec-A-Porter

2) stick to light backgrounds when you add pattern to the walls. A single-colour print tends to work better in a small space.

Scale It Down

colour in a small room overlay

BHG & Ciao! Newport Beach

3) mixing small-scale patterns are great in small rooms as they won’t compete with each other

Popping Hot

colour in a small room accessorize

Flickr & Apartment Therapy

4) solid colours work very well on medium-sized items, like book shelves or chairs and of course accessories of all shapes and sizes – it also brings in the trendy colour pop!


colour in a small room boldly forth

Ernests & Shelterness

5) or be bold and brave and go big with one oversized colour item or a wall in bright shade – if you do it confidence, it will work!

Supersize It

colour in a small room big bird

Damask et Dentelle

6) surprisingly, massively oversized prints can do wonders to enlarge a little room. Use something that is neutral with splashes of colour accents for optimum effect.

colour in a small room the big blue

Frenchy Fancy

7) painting the ceiling can have an incredibly positive effect on a small space. This ceiling looks like the endless night sky!

colour in a small room magic door

A Beautiful Mess

8) break up big, solid items with diagonal colour lines – great for doors, walls and cupboards.

Step it Up

colour in a small room fab flooring

Shelterness & AirBnB

9) Paint the floor! It’s a massive area and a great way to add a lot of colour without taking up space.

Concealed Colour

colour in a small room hide away

A Beautifull Mess & Chelsey Life

10) Hide it! If you are really too afraid to clutter the space with colour, paint the inside of cabinets or the sides of drawers for sneaky splashes.

Happy colouring your small room!


5 Quick Kitchen Fixes on a Tight Budget

My kitchen is a very tiny space that was in serious need of some love and attention. I wanted to create more impact with a fresh colour scheme and had to do it on a very tight budget.

I had a look at what I could find around the house and grabbed a few paint tins to get the party started. It took me two full Saturdays to complete these 5 quick kitchen fixes and it makes a world of difference.

You can easily incorporate these ideas into your kitchen no matter the style or colour scheme.

#1 Choosing a colour palette

Like most people, I also have collected kitchen paraphernalia over the years in all sorts of colours. For this project, I decided to unpack everything I had and choose a colour palette. I seemed to have a lot of sage, red and turquoise and decided that I loved the fresh and vibrant colours together. Colour palette done!

I started off by painting the walls in my own shade of sage. I used Chalk Paint‚ĄĘ decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Duck Egg Blue which I mixed into a lighter sagey colour by adding some Original from the same range.

Shop your chalk paint online here!

The final colour is subtle and creates a muted backdrop for my red and turquoise accent colours and allows them to really pop.


I packed away all the kitchen accessories that didn’t go with my new colour scheme and only put the ones I love on display. This made a big difference.


#2 Painted doors and updated handles

I use this locker for food storage due to the lack of space in my tiny kitchen. By painting the front of the doors in Provence and English Yellow Chalk Paint‚ĄĘ I added a bit more fun to them. I replaced the handles with these lovely decorative ones from Fired Earth – available at Builders Warehouse.


One of the quickest ways to update your look is to change door handles. It’s super easy and inexpensive – I dare you!


#3 Second time around

I showed you this lovely shutter upcycling project last month but decided that it now will work much better in my kitchen as a place to peg recipes and hang tea towels. It also covers the side of a cupboard as you enter the kitchen which was a complete waste of space. See how I did it here.


#4 Spice rack DIY

My husband built this spice rack and it was one of those things that just stood out and looked unfinished. I did not want to break his DIY spirit so decided to turn it into something we both loved with a lick of paint and a little blue bird that was used at our wedding as a decorative bottle top.


I cut off the rubbers on the edge of the birds that fitted into the glass jars and drilled a hole for the end to fit snugly into the face of the spice rack.


The spice rack was painted with the same Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint‚ĄĘ that I used on the upcycled shutter.


The bird is now the keeper of our oven glove and the spice rack ties in nicely with the overall colour scheme of the kitchen.


#5 Go green

I recently got this Feverfew plant from a dear friend and wanted to save it from the geese so decided it needed a place in my new kitchen. I simply took a terracotta pot that I had lying around the garden and painted it with a few dry brush strokes in Provence Chalk Paint TM.


It’s now a pretty pop of green in the corner of my kitchen window sill.


After adding the Feverfew plant I got the bright spark to make more plants from the garden by using the large amount of Peck’s Anchovette glass jars I had been saving but didn’t really know why.

When the labels are washed off they really are very elegant so I now have a row of these cuttings in the window sill and it looks very fresh.

I think I got this from my mother that keeps on collecting cuttings from friends’ and neighbours’ gardens.


I love the impact my quick fixes had on the kitchen and hope you have found some inspiration to try them in your own home.

Happy styling,


10 colourful nurseries for your baby

I have found myself in the middle of a giant baby boom this year: three babies from our immediate family, five of our friends and even the cat had six kittens two weeks ago!

With babies come the very important task¬†of creating a nursery. I have found 10 colourful nurseries that are so adorable, they will make you want to have a baby if you don’t have one the way!

#1 Neon nursery

Patterned wallpaper and metallic polka dots are not elements that you would usually put with a nursery but just look how much fun it can be. chic-deco strawberryswingandthings


#2 Have fun

I think nurseries are spaces that adults get to decorate as if to channel the inner child. The tree-shaped bookshelf and bold lime stripe must have been dreamt up by a very creative adult! I love these animal cards on the right Рthey are a great alternative to bunting. apartmenttherapy etsy


#3 Cute coral

These coral shades against a neutral background create a quiet and feminine space. I really like the fact that nurseries have become more sophisticated with the use of ‘grown up’ accessories like the antlers and signage on the right. woonblog¬†etsy


#4 Sunny side up

Create a focal wall behind the crib like this gorgeous mountain and sun wall. The yellow is picked up again in the geometric carpet and gives the room a happy feel. And how cute is this baby sheep blanket on the right? thebooandtheboy ravelry


#5 Magic animals

These framed animal prints seem to be a big trend in nurseries at the moment. The acid yellow rocking chair creates a fun pop of colour in the otherwise neutral room, echoed by the light fitting. designinvogue¬†luna—belle


#6 Vintage chic

This wallpaper circle with floating shelf is very fresh and original and creates a beautiful focal point on the wall. Combined with a few personal vintage items, it creates a nostalgic mood in this very sweet girl’s room. zirimola¬†flickr


#7 Retro revolution

Play with retro wallpaper in soft tones of blue and pink to create a subtle focal wall in your nursery. The changing station on the right is sleek and the shape reminds me of ‘The Jetsons’! Apart from being a space saver in a small room, it’s also lots of fun and √ľber cool. Instagram¬†Frenchyfancy


#8 Pretty ballerina

This pastel colour scheme is gorgeous in this little girl’s nursery. The lines are clean and the two-tone wall in grey is right on trend. I would love a floor like that! thebooandtheboy¬†welke


#9 Magnificent monotone

This neutral grey wall colour is very generic so will grow with your child which makes it an excellent choice for a nursery. The crisp white furniture and black and white printed blanket add a lovely graphic element to the room. On the right is a mobile of knitted floating bunnies Рlove it! mrfinny etsy


#10 Animated 

What’s a nursery without some form of character or cuddly teddy? Just another room! Add some fun with scatters in different shapes or a collection of items like the sleeping beauties on the right. ministyleblog¬†mommodesign


I hope you have enjoyed this post just as much as I did writing it.

Footnote: Dear family and friends with¬†babies on the way… you’re welcome!

Happy styling,


Home Decor in The Colour White

‚ÄúWhite is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black. God paints in many colours; but He never paints so gorgeously, I had almost said so gaudily, as when He paints in white. ‚Ä̬†‚Äē G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

The first magazine editor I ever worked for as a stylist was a firm believer of this quote and her house was a stunning abode celebrating white on white. Sadly she is not with us any longer but every time I come across a white interior, I think of her and all the things she taught me. So here is my ode to her and home decor in the colour white.

Gallery wall

Paint frames with different shapes and sizes in high gloss white to create a bespoke gallery wall in a hallway. The black chair contrasts beautifully with the stark white and the shapes of the frames add wonderful texture. vtwonen theultralinx


Gossip corner

I love this built-in outdoor sofa with the green foliage softening the stark white. It’s a lovely corner to have an intimate conversation with a friend over some good coffee. tumblr¬†bloglovin


White lace curtains

Add some romance by using white lace as curtains: it adds a layer of privacy without completely obstructing the view. This works well in a slightly rustic bedroom, like the one on the right, with its vintage cast-iron bed. etsy lenebjerre


Rustic bedroom

How lovely and fresh is this barn-style bedroom with its crisp white bedding? I’d love to wake up here! The bed pops with its distressed wood surrounds and the over-sized windows let through healthy natural light. modernhepburn¬†fashionfever


Reading nook

This daybed softened with white curtain drops becomes an intimate reading nook: perfect for lazy afternoons. domino laurelberninteriors


Hang on

This lovely suspended daybed is draped with rough weaves and chunky knits to add texture to the setting, giving it a cozy feel. remodelista designlovefest



The white-washed wood cladding with a slightly exposed wood grain adds wonderful textural interest to this all-white space. By echoing the texture on the floor, you can create a seamless transition between the 2 surfaces. inspirewetrust mamanatural


Good enough too eat

This modern dining setting has an eclectic feel with the variety of chair designs; their all-white finish make them work as a collection. The industrial light fitting and gloss white floor are simply stunning and contrasts beautifully against the matte walls. inspirewetrust annabellebreakey


Heart of the home

White subway tiles with dark grout are very trendy at the moment, in both homes and commercial interiors. Combined with rustic cabinet doors and a white floor, it creates an uncluttered and spacious room. Warmth is added with the light wood tops. bloglovin thelane


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors create a sense of space and this larger than life one with an ornate frame does that beautifully. Remember to place your mirror so that it reflects a pretty scene. The picture on the right is my ultimate shoe-desire: I would love a pair of white All Stars Рnot sure how long they will stay white though! etc-alltherest polyvore


Easy does it

Create a sanctuary in your living room by using chalky tones, offset with crisp white. bloglovin esther


Point of view

Doilies and off-cut pieces of transparent fabric are sewn together to create a curtain.: nostalgic and beautifully whimsical! freepeople jelanieshop


Modern country

Roughly plastered walls with sleek furniture live together comfortably in this setting – it’s a subtle eclectic combination. abeautifulliving¬†etsy


Work it

I simply love this slightly distressed wall cladding and wall to wall floating shelves, the bottom one being the desk. It’s clean and super practical with power points both left and right, allowing two people to work here comfortably. homedit¬†grumpyrainbows


Lead the way

Plastered walls with a textured floor in creamy shades of white make this small hallway seem larger than it is. How adorable are those slippers! inspirewetrust they-all-hate-us


I hope you have enjoyed all the white on white eye candy and feel inspired to incorporate some of the features shown here into your own home.

Happy styling,


Decorate with dark wall colours: black, charcoal, green & blue

It takes confidence and the right space to decorate with dark wall colours. There are a few hard and fast rules when taking this bold step but the end result will be absolutely worth it.

I have found the most inspirational interiors illustrating a few very important points to remember when styling around a dark wall. Feast your eyes on black, charcoal, green en blue wonder walls.

Black is black

This brick wall looks beautiful in black. It allows the grooves of the bricks to become a texture and I think it would work really well if you have an ugly brick wall dilemma. The metallic lamp shades contrast against the wall and have a rustic element that complements the dining room table. The black is echoed again with the high back dining room chairs.

The rule is that dark paint shows up all the imperfections on your walls so if you’re after a solid smooth finish you will need to cover any bumps and cracks. The imperfections however are what make this black brick wall so beautiful. cotemaison ombiaombia



 Matt or gloss

¬†The pantry door frame on the left is painted in a gloss black and mimics the black subway tiles on the wall. It’s a beautiful way of reflecting light in a subtle way. The crisp white bathroom on the right has a classic¬†feel with the black and white theme. The beautiful floor pattern adds texture. countryphiles¬†dulux


I dream in black and white

It’s a well known fact that light colours add a feeling of space in a room and dark colours make it feel smaller. I am almost certain this theory should be tested more intensely as dark colours add depth to a space in my opinion which is also a way of adding space. The high volume ceilings in the bedroom left have a lovely black focal wall with a larger than life white print to break it up. It gives a majestic feel to the room. On the right is an uneven wall that has been painted black and the texture created is simply lovely. lizmarieblog¬†momolivingonline


Modern contrast

Black shows off most dramatically against crisp white. Decorate with items that have beautiful lines like these hanging lamps or the desk lamp in the home office on the right. The designer chairs also add swag. smartfurniture styleonv


Brush strokes

This paint technique is best achieved while using a cement-like paint. It leaves intentional brush strokes on the wall that adds stunning texture. Look at the dramatic black on the left and subtle grey on the right: the two create very different moods to the same room. zulily


Grey matters

Charcoal grey is a bit more subtle than black while still being very trendy in interiors. I love the worn leather and tones of grey scatters combined with distress wood on the left. The wall is broken up with a few black and white prints suspended from bull-clips on metal wire. The crisp white floating shelves on the right with black and white accessories and bold fonts add a graphic element. bloglovin myscandinavianhome


Retro pop

Shapely elements like retro furniture and even the bicycle in the picture on the right make the perfect accessories for a chic charcoal wall. I love the acid yellow colour pop of the retro sofa on the right. bloglovin marksandspencer


Go green

Pantone’s colour of the year 2013 was Emerald. Since then we have seen stunning focal walls emerging in interiors and they are still popping up everywhere. Look at the quirky setting left with the fun sofa and embroidered scatters: the white standing lamp is being etched¬†off against the green and extends the high gloss white floor. The jewel-toned sofa on the right adds a dash of color. The circular art on the wall is very fresh – try it!¬†79ideas¬†ochre



The fun green bedroom wall on the left was painted in broad stripes of matt and gloss paint, adding width to a narrow room. The collection of mirrors on the bathroom wall right shows off their shapes and is a great way to display a collection. sunainteriordesign abigailahern


Blue Monday

Dark blue walls need a clever colour treatment in its accessories. Combining it with fresh Delft-like crockery in blue and white works beautifully while adding a touch of light distressed wood adds texture. madabouthouse remodelista


Midnight blues

Add a midnight blue gallery wall to your home as a focal wall. Combine art in different sizes and frame styles contrasted with a shapely feature like this faux deer head. It plays with the negative spaces in between the objects and adds visual interest. The jewel tones of the still life with its beautiful deep blue wall has a bohemian feel. ikeadecora desiretoinspire


I sincerely hope you have found your favourite dark wall colour in between these inspirational images of black, charcoal, green and blue. Now go forth and create some drama!

Happy styling,


Pretty pastel decor for every room

Pastels have come a long way since the days old days and it looks like the dusty pink, grey and black combination wins the popularity contest today. I have sourced images to illustrate different ways of incorporating pretty pastel decor in every room of the house: a lovely feminine celebration of colour!


This kitchen is accessorized with subtle splashes of pastel blues and greens which is very clever since your mood might change and then it will be very easy to adapt the colour scheme. I simply adore the melting mug from Studio Arhoj and think a SMEG fridge in mint is the ultimate accessory for a pastel kitchen. beachcomber


Dining room

This muted palette with the diamond focal wall and modern accessories would surely make dinner time a bit more special. Black or dark grey to the colour scheme adds depth and puts you right on trend. sampleboard tumblr



A pastel colour scheme creates the feeling of freshness and revival. The nostalgic blue bath tub on the left adds a touch of vintage and the peachy pink tiles on the right with black trim have a tailored chic look. It’s like the bathroom had a Coco Chanel moment! houseandgarden¬†sfgirlbybay


Laundry room

Beat the wash-day blues with a fresh white and pastel green laundry room. I love the natural light that streams in through the windows. It just feels right to have a healthy amount of sunlight and an endless supply of dolly pegs in a laundry. andersonandgrant stijlbloem


Kids room

Add a little more fun to your kids’ bedroom with this very sweet pastel palette and lots of quirky elements like the bird house floating shelves, garland and animated scatters. The bentwood chairs and table are the perfect setting for a late afternoon tea party. tinyme¬†thebooandtheboy


Master bedroom

This bedroom setting illustrates the pink, grey and black trend very well. The use of geometric patterns makes it very modern and the tall standing lamp adds an architectural element to the room with its gorgeous lines. marinagiller


Living room 

This is a very soothing colour palette for a living room. The sage green, subtle pink, grays and turquoise tones create a serene scene. Note the marble wall Рvery trendy! vtwonen lialeukinterieuradvies


Home office

This retro home office has lots of personality and I especially like the bright orange accents that give the colour pallet more energy. stylecaster


I hope you have been inspired by all this pastel prettiness!

Happy styling,


7 inspiring home office styles and colour palettes

Here at Homeology we have a saying: “always blur the lines between work and play”. Your home office should reflect your own mantra and I have selected¬†7 inspiring home office styles and colour palettes that reflect different moods. Hope they inspire!

Seriously fun

Go all out with this bright and cheerful colour combination of mint, red and pink. The canvas is white so the colours pop and are sure to inspire creativity for anyone sitting behind the desk. brightbazaar


Gorgeous and graphic

The crisp white desk, chair and pin board are subtly contrasted with the exposed wood wall. The texture of the wood grain adds warmth to the office and is echoed by the desk lamp. This fresh colour palette is achieved only with accessories so can be changed whenever you feel like it. madefromscratch


Trend setter

This home office plays with geometric and triangular shapes on the wall and in the art work on the desk. The peachy tone contrasts beautifully against the light and dark grey focal wall. bettinaholst


Retro masculine

This very sophisticated colour combination suits the retro lines of the chair and accessories in this masculine home office. fjeldborg


Artist in residence 

How lovely is this classic Vermeer print against the emerald green wall? The red chair gives a splash of colour against the muted background and add a modern twist. sageatelier


Magnificent monotone

If you are more monotone-inclined this might just be the home office for you. Sleek and modern with a sophisticated air. I love the over-sized lampshade! lovenordic


Subtle sophistication

Chalky tones set the mood in this dreamy home office. It’s calm and would work well if you have a super stressful job. bloglovin


I hope that at least one of these styles have inspired you to go out and have some fun creating your own unique home office.

Happy styling,