Home Makeover: From Shoddy to Holiday Destination with Dulux

Every space, big or small, has the potential to be something magical. And when Dulux launched their colour of 2019, Crème Brulee, and asked us to create said magic, we knew a little rondawel on Germarie’s farm was going to makeover heaven very soon. We didn’t grasp how many hours of painting would have to go into this little spherical home, but it was all worth it. Now, the rondawel is a bright and cheerful space that is a joy to stay in!

Here is what went on behind the scenes!

Rondawel Reveal_Home makeover before

The rondawel was in a shoddy, but admittedly colourful, state. However, the interior called for a neutral canvass as the original colours were dated and mismatched. Some of the stone interior walls may look like natural stone (and they are underneath the paint) but is a faux stone paint effect that had to go. Electrical wiring was one of the first to-dos on the list with a proper kitchen unit hot on its heels.

home makeover mood board and paint

We really did receive bucket loads of paint. We received paint in the full complimentary palette: rich Crème Brulee, a gorgeous berry red, charcoal, cool teal, pale grey and a soft, dusty pink. Germarie aimed to keep the walls relatively neutral, except for a Crème Brulee feature wall, with the pops of colour in repurposed furniture and décor.  For the detailed list of colours and Dulux paint codes, click on this link!

Armed with loads of colour, we were ready to get our hands dirty.

1// The Walls & Floor

home makeover upcycled floor

After the electrical was all sorted, we painted the interior walls, ceiling, and window trim in crisp white. It’s strange how oppressive the previous blue and brown wall colours made the room feel. Now that it was all white we could finally take a step back, breathe and see its true potential.


Since the rondawel is spherical and built with river stone, we needed a flat surface for wall décor and to conceal electrical wiring. Germarie decided to add two complementary MDF panels that were painted a dusty pink. We also gave the floor a coat of charcoal epoxy to finish the base of the interior.

2// The Furniture

Then we moved on to the furniture. I started with smaller pieces first — especially those I could move out of the rondawel to dry, which enabled me to get going on bigger pieces. Our focus was on painting as many items as possible to show that most pre-loved décor and furniture can be made amazing again.

home makeover painted furniture side table

I loved painting these little compressed wood side tables. These tables are inexpensive and sturdy which mean many homes have one, but they tend to end up with a tablecloth of some sort on top of them.

The texture of the compressed wood is not ideal, and I was sceptical about the effect the paint would have. But, I was so thrilled when Dulux’s acrylic paint soaked into the wood and formed a smooth layer on top! The top layer still has a little texture to it, but it’s not rugged. I love it and would definitely use this specific type paint for a similar project again.

home makeover painted furniture

A vintage armchair got a dramatic berry red makeover, finished with newly upholstered cushions with fabric from Hertex. We cannot get enough of this chair, and we love the floral print.

home makeover painted armchair

A family dining table, painted in blue with fish to resemble the ocean, went through a grey transformation to become a sophisticated Scandinavian take on colour.

home makeover upcycled furniture

We added a red chair because we wanted to – and it turned out to add a touch of wabi-sabi.


3// The Kitchen

The kitchen was in desperate need of a little clarity. So, we took the sturdy kitchen cabinet (there were two) and painted it fiery red. Germarie was able to envision a simpler kitchen area with a customised countertop which the rondawel direly needed.

home makeover painted furniture kitchen

Two floating shelves were installed to hover above the new kitchen counter, and Germarie made the L-brackets entirely out of wood. Now the kitchen is a spacious area that caters to holiday guest or small-home living alike.


4// The Roof

The roof was something Germarie or I have never attempted before, and after receiving wisdom from local painters in the area, we decided not to try it ourselves. The roof is super slanted, near 45˚ angle, so we decided to enlist the help from an experience roof painter (he may have been a trapeze artist in a previous life).

5// Final Touches

The final touch was the feature wall. Germarie created a contemporary Crème Brulee effect that adds to the earthiness and laidback sophistication of the interior.


After a couple of tough weeks the rondawel is now move-in ready and a happy sight indeed!


Additional items we needed come from Mr Price Home’s botanical-inspired catalogue.


But the rest of the items were repurposed or made, like the portable clothing rack, bedside tables and platter.


Always add fresh flowers or pot plants to interiors – they tie everything together beautifully.






This project was the second largest renovation project Germarie completed on the farm; the other is Providence Cottage, another lovely Airbnb destination.

I hope this has inspired you to get started on your home project. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Happy Homemaking!

Providence Cottage: From Garage to Guest Accommodation on a Budget

At long last, the cottage on the farm is done! I have been working with a team of builders, contractors, handymen (and not-so-handy men) and a throng of other people over the winter to get this tired old cottage ready for the summer tourist season in the Franschhoek Valley. Here’s how I turned a garage into a guest accommodation on a budget.

providence cottage

This is what it looked like before we started. The 50sqm extra-length double garage had been hastily converted to a garden cottage about 7 years ago. Since then, not much was done to the place. The bathroom was atrocious, the kitchen rotten, and the rest was in dire need of paint and repairs. But as always, I see opportunity where others see despair!

Here’s What We Did!

1// The Bathroom

providence cottage

spectacular bathroom makeover


The bathroom was the first project on our list. It was a transformation of epic proportions and the results are just gorgeous! Click here for the full post!

2// The Kitchen

providence cottage

tiny kitchen

tiny kitchen

Next up, was the kitchen. We really only built in a small kitchenette as the restaurant offering in the valley is outstanding and we doubt people will come here to cook their own food. None the less, it is equipped with enough to prepare a meal. Click here for the full post.

3// The Windows

providence cottage

The windows offered another challenge: the views around the cottage are very pretty, but the light can be very bright and in summer, the heat needs to be blocked out as well. Click here to see how we resolved that.

4// The Living Room

We bought the coffee table and side table from a discount furniture store; the sofa was a second-hand one with a loose cover one that we had redyed; all the accessories we bought at the end-of-season sales. The animal hide rug is on loan until we have made enough money to invest a bit more!

providence cottage

This Ikea Chair was an online second-hand find.

We kept the colour scheme really simple and neutral, with lots of textures.

providence cottage

I just love this little bench – also a treasure from a hunt around the used furniture store.

providence cottage

5// The Dining Room

providence cottage

The dining is definitely my favourite part of the project. I bought the used chairs online for R150 each. The table was new and the console table came from our local second hand furniture store. I indulged in the cost of the table lamp but saved the money when I made the glass jar chandelier and round studded mirror.

round studded mirror DIY

6// The Bedroom

providence cottage

The room is very small, so I chose to have a floating shelf with a hanging bar for clothes for short-term guests instead of a wardrobe. The luggage stand below provides an additional storage surface.

providence cottage

We have a huge affinity for proteas on the farm, so when I saw this cushion, I knew it had to be incorporated! I found that mirror for R250 at Sheet Street – what a bargain!

providence cottage

We made little glass jar night lights for the bedroom as well. It’s a really simple and inexpensive way to add light and save space over a nightstand!

The whole project cost R88,135 (including sponsors) and when you keep in mind that we started with an empty shell, I am quite pleased! That works out to a complete overhaul (including all building materials, labour, electrical and plumbing work, furniture, all kitchen equipment and utensils, bed linen, towels and cable TV) at R1,763 per sqm. I hope that this project has inspired you to do something about unused space that you can turn into an income-generating asset for you and your family. I’d love to get your feedback on this renovation – let me know what you think!

Happy Renovating!

This project was supported by Tile Africa and Builder’s Warehouse, Consol Glass, and Finishing Touches – and for that, I am so super grateful! Now, it’s up to Airbnb to get it occupied!



Chandelier DIY with Consol Glass – and a massive sale!

As part of the cottage renovation that we’ve been working on for the last 2 months, Consol glass asked me to create something exciting using their glass products. Glass is such an amazing product to work with: it is free from harmful contaminants, it’s reusable and recyclable giving it a great green thumbs up, and it is inherently beautiful. Glass is something we literally use every single day and something that we might sometimes take for granted. While glass jars are great for storage and more recently, for serving trendy drinks in, we were in need of an impressive light fixture above the dining room table more than anything else. And so I set out to create a fun and contemporary light fixture with some electrical cord and Consol jars. Here are the step-by-step instructions for my chandelier DIY with Consol Glass – and remember that Consol has their REDHOTSALE from 28 Aug to 09 Sep so you can get these jars for a steal!


You will need:

consol glass chandelier

  • 8x 500ml Consol Jars with screw lids
  • 8x 1.1m 2.5 cabtyre electrical cord in black *SEE PRO TIP
  • Matt black spray paint
  • 8x black light fittings
  • 8x golf ball lamps
  • Electrical series connectors
  • Large ceiling bolt with plug
  • Hook with nut (length to match the height of your little bucket)
  • Small metal bucket to use as a ceiling cup
  • Hole saw to match the diameter of your light fittings

* PRO TIP: The light should hang around 80cm above the table, so in this specific dining room, the total length of the chandelier will be 1m. Add 10cm to each cord to give you some room to play with.


STEP 1 //

consol glass chandelier

Carefully mark out the center of each lid and drill a hole using the hole saw. Use pliers to press down any rough edges and to slightly adjust the size of the hole if necessary – it has to fit the light fitting snugly.

STEP 2 //

consol glass chandelier

Spray the lids and allow to dry.

STEP 3 //

consol glass chandelier

Wire a piece of cord to each light fitting.

STEP 4 //

consol glass chandelier

Make 8 equally spaced markings on the bottom of the little bucket and drill holes for the cords to go through.

STEP 5 //

consol glass chandelier

Drill a single hole in the center of the bucket and attach the metal eye, securing the nut underneath.

STEP 6 //

consol glass chandelier

Spray the bucket and allow to dry.

STEP 7 //

consol glass chandelier

Thread the cords through the holes and get the electrician to connect them to each other so that you end up with a single cord to connect to the power point in the ceiling.

consol glass chandelier

consol glass chandelier

STEP 8 //

consol glass chandelier

Attach the hook to the ceiling, connect and hook your chandelier in place.

Switch on and admire your work!

Happy lighting!