Dutch courage

In most Afrikaans suburban homes we grew up with a dedicated shelf to a collection of Delft crockery in the 80’s.

This beautiful and delicate pottery style from the 1600’s has since been updated by designers into a multitude of finishes. From the catwalk to bedding and furniture, Delft is celebrating cult status.

I lived and studied in Holland for a year after school and now have a Dutch husband. It’s just really sad that we don’t own any Delft – I’ll have to speak to my Mother in law about this!!

I have found a few very quirky items and ideas for you and hope they inspire!


NEW Delft!

Traditional Dutch porcelain company Royal Delft have launched a new contemporary brand, Blue D1653, including this set by Arian Brekveld that looks as though the blue emblems have slipped down the rim of each dish.

Dezeen.com  Tumblr.com


Delft plates spaced randomly on a dark blue wall makes a sophisticated statement. On the right is wallpaper with a plate print.

Bloesem Etsy.com


For the fahionistas among us! Why not dress in Delft? I LOVE the shoes!

Dusty Burrito Modcloth Quilters crossing


Upcycling at its quirkiest best – this is one of Kate Thompson’s creations. Picture on the right from moooi.com


Dream in Dutch!

The bedding on the left is from Bloomingdales and the bedding on the right is from Studio Ditte


Temporary tattoo from Etsy.com and this gorgeous bicycle I found on tumblr.com


Art on the left is by Kim Joon and the lovely flower arrangement on the right is from Eurolux Antiques

Happy styling,