A little Christmas Card DIY

I am not sure how many people actually send Christmas cards anymore. Our lives have become to instant with email and messaging that a card in the mail is very old-fashioned and almost unheard of.  And it is so sad really, because it is lovely to get a card, and equally as lovely to give one – especially one that was hand-made! It says “You’re special” and “I’ve taken the time to make this for you.” As kids we used to do it all the time, but now a hand-made card is a rare thing. But I think it’s time to bring it back into fashion with this easy Christmas Card DIY!

While playing with the watercolour paints for the portraits tutorial, I made a little cutout of a Christmas Tree and stenciled it onto card stock. I then wrote a message with a calligraphy pen, a simple and lovely touch. This is such a simple technique that the kids can make them too – and score serious points with Granny and Grandpa!

You will need:

Thick cardboard

Stencil * or acetate and a craft knife

Watercolour paint

Paint brush

Calligraphy pen

Glitter, sequence and other decorations if you like!

Step 1:

watercolour Christmas card DIY 2

Carefully place the stencil onto the card – I purposefully placed mine off-center to create a bit of added interest!

Next, using the watercolour, apply a line of paint along the 1 edge of cutout.

Step 2:

watercolour Christmas card DIY 4

Using water only, wash the paint across the rest of the cut-out.

The paint might go underneath the stencil a little, but don’t despair – it’s all part of the look. The beauty is in the imperfections here!

Step 3: 

watercolour Christmas card DIY 5

Write a personal message, wish or greeting on the card using a calligraphy pen or marker.

You can even adorn your tree with some glitter or sequence if bling is your thing!

* You can easily make a stencil yourself:

watercolour Christmas card DIY 1

Use a market to trace the outline of the graphic you want to use onto acetate. Then, using a craft knife, cut it out. Easy as that!

Try different stencils: Christmas trees, snow flakes, reindeer, Christmas baubles, anything that you like really.

But make a card and give it to someone this Christmas – it won’t go unappreciated!


Happy Merry-making!