Pretty Succulent Wreath – a 30 Minute Make Over

The hot weather has arrived and with it an array of blooms have filled the garden. The peach trees are blossoming, the arum lilies have popped up everywhere and the colour is coming back on the oaks.

I was so inspired by nature this week that I thought it the perfect time to do something a bit florally.

  Super Succulents

I have a big selection of succulents in the garden and because they are so very water-wise, using them in a wreath will give you joy for so much longer than other flowers

.succulent steps

I got the plastic wreath and oasis at my local florist. Cut up the oasis to fit the circular shape and then just started filling it in, using the bigger plants first and then filling in the gaps with smaller plants. I grouped them by colour and texture and then arranged them accordingly.


I really don’t know anything about flower arranging but I am very happy with the result – I love how it brightens up the patio wall!

Happy Spring!

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