DIY Herby Hanger

This is a very quick and easy way to add some country to your autumn kitchen. A herb hanger not only looks really impressive and bountiful, but just working with all these lovely smelling herbs really brought a smile to my nose!

IMG_8677 (467x700) - watermarked

I worked with 1.6mm steel wire: it’s stable enough to keep its shape but easy enough to bend. Working with the natural coiled shape of the wire will help you to measure the lengths (full circle / half circle lengths).

IMG_8631 (700x497) - watermarked

First, make a circle with 1 and a half lengths of wire and secure the ends by twisting it around itself.

IMG_8633 (466x700) - watermarked

For the top hanger: Start with a full circle length and bend right over left.

IMG_8635 (466x700) - watermarked

Then twist the bend to secure, and twist the ends to create loops.

IMG_8636 (466x700) - watermarked

Hook the hanger’s loops over the circle that you made earlier and secure the ends by twisting it around the circle.

IMG_8637 (700x488) - watermarked

For the lower hangers, you will follow the same steps as for the top hanger, but you’ll use half circle lengths.

IMG_8639 (700x484) - watermarked

Bend right over left.

IMG_8640 (700x479) - watermarked

Twist the loop that you’ve created to secure it.

IMG_8641 (700x473) - watermarked

Then create loops at the top by bending over the ends.

IMG_8643 (484x700) - watermarked

Hook the lower hangers onto the circle.

IMG_8649 (478x700) - watermarked

I made simple little S-hooks by bending the ends of 100mm lengths of wire.

IMG_8653 (467x700) - watermarked

I have plenty of parsley, rosemary, lavender and also some chillies. So far, it already smells amazing!

IMG_8678 (467x700) - watermarked

Using different kinds of ribbon, string up the herbs in roughly equal length bushes and hang onto the lower hangers using the S-hooks.

IMG_8677 (467x700) - watermarked

The bunch of chili in the center really makes the whole thing for me. And as an added bonus, it keeps the flies out of the kitchen!