TREND #8: Eclecticism

So often, when someone doesn’t quite have a style they call it eclectic but that assumes that just throwing things together because you don’t know what you like denotes a style.

The formal definition of eclectic is deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources (source) but that still means that it is a style per se and not just a mishmash of everything.

Eclecticism is getting bigger every year – I believe this is because people are becoming more individualistic and original in the their taste. They don’t want to conform to just one thing in their home but rather have a collection of vintage and modern, sentimental and designer, bright and muted. Putting together different styles in a room require both confidence and care to get it right.

standing out

style by emily henderson & domaine home

Choose one strong piece to stand out in a room: the teal wing-back chair provides a wonderful pop of colour in a room filled with natural wood, leather and wool. The deep-buttoned sofa is a classic piece in an otherwise very slick and modern space.

chair affair

adorable home & a beautiful mess

Having a variety of chairs is a great way to have a functional collection. Use them as is in a neutral room or paint them all in the same bright colour for an instant focal.

colour blocking

home beautiful & apartment therapy

Get the different pieces to work together with colour blocking: choose bright colours for a bohemian look or soft pastels for a tranquil space.

framed & mirrored

the jungalow & flickr

Put up a collection of frames or artwork to create an eclectic wall display. Anything goes in this display – mix textures and colours and play with the arrangement on the floor first before you put it up.

modern minimalist

Eclecticism is not only for those who like busy rooms and bright colours: an eclectic interior can just as beautifully be created with a few key pieces. Find a common colour, finish or shape and group the items together, whether they are ceramics on a dresser or chairs around a table.

When you think of all the different furniture and decorative pieces that you have, you most likely have a bit of an eclectic space as well. Make sure that you curate those pieces with a common thread to create a cohesive space.

Happy decorating!