Hand printed gift wrap with egg carton and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Egg cartons have so many uses in my house. I often use it as a drying rack for a paint project or even as storage for small items in a drawer. I love the shape and were so happy to incorporate it into my hand-printed gift wrap series.

Upon closer inspection I realized that if you turn the carton upside down it makes perfectly spaced circles.

We have used these three colors from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® palette. Shop your chalk paint online here!


Louis Blue – Pair this pastel with white for a fine Rococo look or combine with brights for a vintage retro aesthetic.

Antoinette – This soft pale pink takes inspiration from the dusky wall colors and decorative pieces of 18th century French interiors.

Provence – Recalling the shutters and doors of the South of France, this color works equally well for a modern look.


You will need:

Egg carton | Unprinted newspaper | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®


Step 1:

Simply paint the back of the cartons circles in different colors with a brush.


Step 2:

Turn the carton back up and stamp it on your sheet of unprinted newspaper. Apply even pressure on the carton when stamping. Repeat the pattern. You might have to re-apply the paint as you go along.


Step 3:

I color dipped a paraffin lamp wick to finish off the gift. Simply dilute a bit of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® with some water. Add the lamp wick, submerge it into the mixture and let it soak for a few minutes. Then hang up to dry and voila!


I simply love the final effect! It’s like wax seals in different colors and makes a fun and playful pattern.

Happy styling,

margaux 200px