DIY fairy light garland

This truly is the easiest DIY in the world. Minimum effort with maximum effect!

Combine cupcake wrappers of different sizes with fairy lights to create this festive string of lights that would be the perfect garland for Christmas. Or why not use it as a festive night light in a little toddler’s room?

You will need:

Cupcake wrappers of different sizes and patterns

One string of fairy lights

Craft knife or box cutter


Step 1

Cut tiny crosses with the cutter at the base of the cupcake wrappers.


Step 2

Thread the fairy light bulb through the cross so that the light sticks out on the inside.

Make sure you pull the light through as far as possible so that the bulb doesn’t touch the sides of the paper cupcake wrapper.


Step 3

String the fairy lights around the Christmas tree or anywhere you see fit to create a lovely focus even with the fairy lights off.


I have made a few over the past few months and keep on using them for all sort of occasions. They are so easy and festive and you will want to use them again and again!

Happy styling,

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