Stamped Tile Splash Back with a DIY Tile Stamp

Sometimes life throws you some old tiles and then you have 2 options: live with it, or paint and stamp it with a tile stamp!

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We have just launched our new all-purpose tile stamps and I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty! They come in 3 lovely designs and can be used on anything from floors to paper and fabric to tiles. This is the perfect DIY tool for updating any surface imaginable! Order the stamp here!

tile stamp

My kitchen had been in desperate need of a tiled splash-back because unlike most old homes, I wasn’t blessed with horrid old kitchen tiles. In fact, I don’t have ANY tiles in my house – do you see another DIY coming on?

I first made a frame of Masonite and pine and then proceeded to tile it using No More Nails. DON’T do this – it’s not a good idea. After I had primed, stamped and sealed the panel, the tiles popped off one by one when I picked it up. So starting again here is the correct method!


tile stampCut 16mm chipboard to the size you want your panel to be, minus 2.5mm on all 4 sides. This will ensure that the tiles hang over the wood a little bit to create a nice shadow line. Fix 2 mirror fixings to the back – it’s easier to do this first otherwise you risk breaking a tile or 2.  The stamp size is 150mmx150mm so I used some very inexpensive white tiles to the same size. Fix the tiles to the panel using a tile adhesive, leaving a 2mm space between them.


Stamped Tile Splash Back with a DIY Tile Stamp

Use grout to fill in the spaces and let it dry for a couple of hours. Prime the tiles with a standard tile primer – there are many brands on the market – and then let it cure for 24 hours.




I used an interior water-based PVA for the pattern and it worked beautifully. When you stamp the tiles, use a sponge roller to apply the paint lightly to the stamp. Test the stamp on a loose tile first so that you can get the feel for it. Now systematically stamp away! Take your time to place the stamps squarely on the tiles.

And if it doesn’t stamp properly first time around, you can re-stamp it by again positioning it carefully over the first stamp and pressing down.


Stamped Tile Splash Back with a DIY Tile Stamp

After the pattern had dried for a couple of hours, you’ll need to seal it with a craft sealer like Harlequin Paint’s Decorator’s Varnish. It’s a clear coat that will ensure that you can wipe down the tiles when they get wet or dirty.

splash 5


Hang the panel, accessorize with a few matching items and admire your handy-work!

Stamped Tile Splash Back with a DIY Tile Stamp

The stamp gives a very unique and uneven finish which makes it look like a vintage tile. And it looks awesome with my Scandi serving bowl! Love it!

Remember to get your very own stamp HERE!
Happy Stamping!