Romancing the Fox.

Animal themes have been popular for a good while now: rabbits, horses, dogs and birds have been adorning fabric, wallpaper and mantlepieces for a few years. But recently, I have fallen in love with the fox.

As with most amazing things, I am not quite sure how it happened. But before I knew it, I saw foxes everywhere: on a printed T-shirt, in a picture my son brings home from school and even a paint colour called Foxy that I find myself working with.

The fox is traditionally seen as a sly creature, cunning and sometimes a bit underhand. But it is also extremely intelligent, creative and adaptable. Of course I prefer this last set of characteristics so I am hoping to see a lot more foxiness in the future. Here are a few inspiring ways to show your love for all things foxy.

wired up

 Put the focus on the wall with beautiful hand crafted wire wall art by Bongo Design.

pointedly foxy

On the floor, on the sofa and on the wall, the foxes abound. Scion does a delicious range of carpets, textiles and accessories with their quintessential pointy fox graphics.

all natural

From the wonderful Wie eine Wohnung ein Zuhause wird comes this tranquil image with road-sign interpretations of nature scenes printed onto ply. And a fox and a rabbit. The whole thing just works, really! Get yours from Faunascapes on Etsy.

sit, wear, stand

Orange is of course the fox’s true colour, so keep it hot and trendy with this amber hue! Silk-screen scatter from Robin and Mould on Etsy, T-shirt on Zazzle and Foxy Bookends by Paramour Bungalow.

cookies & cushions

A very sweet Fox cookie jar by West Elm Products will keep the cookies safe from little critters. And I am completely loving the pop of orange on the white snowy background of this scatter. There is a whole range of products from mugs to iPad covers with this Alone in the Forest design from Society 6.

the hunt is on

You can’t take yourself seriously all the time, and neither should your decor. Show your humorous side with a set of Fox Hunter prints from Loopy Lolly on Etsy.

Happy Foxing!