A Summer Spray Paint Upcycle with Rust-Oleum

Shake things up with a spray paint upcycle! When it comes to giving pre-loved items new life, paint is one of our go-tos and spray cans are DIY heaven. So, when Rust-Oleum sent us a goodie bag, we were super thrilled! We received lacquer, paint & primer and ultra-cover spray paint cans and immediately decided to try them all. Germarie has a lot of frames, so we decided to give them new life with a little colour. As it turns out, one coat of spray paint is plenty, which means we have enough Rust-Oleum goodness left for future projects!

Here’s what you need to upcycle practically anything


Difficulty: easy

Time: 30 minutes (with drying time)


  • Old picture frames (or anything that needs a little colour-makeover)
  • Sandpaper
  • Cloth
  • Any Rust-Oleum spray paint *

* Rust-Oleum spray paints are awesome because they come in a variety of lovely finishes. You can choose from lacquer, gloss or matte in practically any colour you can think of. We loved the Painter’s Touch+ range because it is a paint and primer combined, so they really do stick to anything. We even painted a metal vase with the coral paint.




Remove the glass and artwork from the frames.



Dust of the picture frames and lightly sand off any flaking paint. Check out Rust-Oleums nifty spray paint tips for the best result.



Place the frames on a paintable surface and spray away! Spray from approximately 30 cm from the picture frames. Let the paint dry. It’s always best to spray outside – safety first!


That’s it! Hang the colourful frames as they are or embrace summer with prints of your favourite seasonal fruit.

Rustoluem Spray paint Picture Frame Painted

With these beautiful colours, the frames can be stunning features even without pictures!

Rustoluem Spray paint Picture Frame ideas

You can really transform anything with a little paint. We’d love to hear about your DIY decor and spray paint upcycles, so please tell us in the comments below!


Happy Painting!