10 tips for using colour in a small room

In any small space, the traditional way of dealing with things would be to keep everything light and neutral to reflect light visually enlarge the room. We have proven that colour in a small space can work magic (see our tiny bathroom make-over here!) and the pictures below just confirm it. While you don’t have to be afraid to use colour in a small space, here are our 10 tips for using colour in a small room.

Pale and Pretty

colour in a small room neutral with a twist

Chelsea Life Design

1) keep the big furniture items and walls in a neutral colour so that they don’t overpower the room.

Wall Power

colour in a small room white out

marionery & Dec-A-Porter

2) stick to light backgrounds when you add pattern to the walls. A single-colour print tends to work better in a small space.

Scale It Down

colour in a small room overlay

BHG & Ciao! Newport Beach

3) mixing small-scale patterns are great in small rooms as they won’t compete with each other

Popping Hot

colour in a small room accessorize

Flickr & Apartment Therapy

4) solid colours work very well on medium-sized items, like book shelves or chairs and of course accessories of all shapes and sizes – it also brings in the trendy colour pop!


colour in a small room boldly forth

Ernests & Shelterness

5) or be bold and brave and go big with one oversized colour item or a wall in bright shade – if you do it confidence, it will work!

Supersize It

colour in a small room big bird

Damask et Dentelle

6) surprisingly, massively oversized prints can do wonders to enlarge a little room. Use something that is neutral with splashes of colour accents for optimum effect.

colour in a small room the big blue

Frenchy Fancy

7) painting the ceiling can have an incredibly positive effect on a small space. This ceiling looks like the endless night sky!

colour in a small room magic door

A Beautiful Mess

8) break up big, solid items with diagonal colour lines – great for doors, walls and cupboards.

Step it Up

colour in a small room fab flooring

Shelterness & AirBnB

9) Paint the floor! It’s a massive area and a great way to add a lot of colour without taking up space.

Concealed Colour

colour in a small room hide away

A Beautifull Mess & Chelsey Life

10) Hide it! If you are really too afraid to clutter the space with colour, paint the inside of cabinets or the sides of drawers for sneaky splashes.

Happy colouring your small room!