Our Favourite Spring Fabrics to Brighten Up Your Home

We absolutely adore spring in South Africa! Sunny days, weekends outdoors and tapas are a few of top reasons why. The beautiful weather also means we can indulge in fabrics light-as-air and pattern-crazy! Here are our favourite fabrics from local businesses making waves in the interior world.


India Ink

Latest Collection from India Ink

Travel to India with exotic textiles from India Ink. Owner Jane Middleton personally travels to India and hand picks her textiles after long scouting sessions. Expect to find colourful kanthas, intricately patterned rugs, and light cotton throws to complement your interior. Pattern and bold colours dominate the boutique catalogue, and their summer range is no exception. Paisley, indigo batik and teal accent stripes are trending under their hottest new items.


Hertex scatter cushions with green velvet and botanical leaves

Scatter Cushions from Hertex

Aimed to help you “find beauty in the everyday”, family-owned Hertex is one of the most covetable textile brands in the country. Whether you’re looking for bold and bright or subdued elegance, these textiles are sure to please. Their newest additions include Cyclades, an island-inspired range with distressed blues and sandy tones, and Colourwheel dedicated to the colours of the rainbow – 40 to be exact! But we just can’t get enough of their colourful range Awakening. The bright and cheerful prints are perfectly equipped for summer as the range consists of light linen and viscose blends. Hertex also offers exclusive fabrics in their couture section which features textiles that reflect international trends and are available for a limited time only.

A bonus is their new home décor brand, Haus that has all you need for the rest of the home.

Home Fabrics

home fabrics scatter cushion details with bright colours on material

Scatter Cushions from Home Fabrics

Home Fabrics is another powerhouse in the South African fabric world. Their extensive fabric library will have something for even the most fastidious of homemakers. A commitment to a greener planet gives customers an extensive collection of Oeke-Tex® certified fabrics that do not contain harmful substances and are environmentally safe and sustainable.

The latest collection is focussed on geometric and botanical motifs. Designers Guild Casablanca is just that; bold geometric patterns with an intrinsic floral aesthetic. The softness of Lauziere is perfect for flowy, romantic curtains. But best of all is the FibreGuard collection: this fabric enables easy living with its stain-free technology. Ronaldo and Nolita are both excellent options with vast colour ranges from bright to neutral that can update an entire home. For those interested in a velvet spring, Touch Stone has a velvety goodness without the stress of ruining the fabric.

La Perle

Printed Runners by La Perle

Perfect for when you want a specific print or pattern but can’t find it anywhere. La Perle has extensive experience in large format printing and now specialise in textile printing as well. Print anything from aprons and wallpaper to your preferred fabric. We love that you can personalise fabric on basically anything, which means gift ideas can come easily this year!

The Mill Fabric

the mill fabrics African inspired textiles with colourful motifs

Fabric by The Mill Fabrics

Once you enter The Mill Fabrics website you’re welcomed with “striving to create new trends”, and that is what they do. Their most recent collection, Lagos is a vibrant homage to the African city; filled with bold colours and pattern native to Africa with a touch of a colonial aesthetic. These eclectic pieces are a must in any traveller’s or otherwise cheerful home. The Lagos range is an absolute delight with names like “Cinnamon”, “Ditzy” and “Just Enjoy” beckoning you to create a fun and lively space. The Mill Fabrics specialises in custom designed and branded fabrics, woven or embroidered to the customer’s requirements. Mass produced products are avoided to give a fresh face to design.

Halogen International

Halogen International geometric scatter cushions and fabrics for outdoors and spring fabrics

Outdoor Collection from Halogen International

Springtime would be at a loss were it not for sprightly outdoor textiles. Halogen’s outdoor collection is made up of natural motifs with blues, greys and green as primary colours. These patterns are in complete harmony with the outdoors as they do not compete with nature. The designs complement the outdoors in their simplicity. Simply Linen is perfect for spring and summer because of its airy feel and lovely texture.

Black Fabrics

spring fabrics in south Africa black fabrics Mediterranean dining room

Textiles from Black Fabrics

One of the most exotic collections, Black Fabrics, prides themselves in finding beautiful textiles around the globe as well as creating their own. The Lotus from the Asian Batik range is delicate and floral without being overpowering. Spice Route alludes to another world with Persian and Moroccan inspired motifs. The Tropics is reminiscent of structured botany, with geometric patterns in earthy hues.

South Africa has more than enough beautiful textiles to go around; you only need to know where to look! These fabric houses are great places to start any interior journey. Let us know if you have a favourite that we have overlooked; we’d love to hear more about them!


If you need a little help putting your home together, contact us for online design help today!


Happy Homemaking!


How to Do The Tropical Trend for Grown-Ups

I love botanical prints and leafy greens – both on my plate and in my home. The tropical trend has been going for a while now, but I am a bit over the pink flamingoes, and banana-leaf scatters. That’s not all that this trend is about, however! Here’s my take on the Tropical Trend for Grown Ups, with a get-the-look shopping list and all!

Oversized with Velvety Coral

Kim Macumber Interiors via Cottage & Bungalow

This image screams gorgeous beaches and pina coladas! The large-scale wallpaper print is the hero of this room, with everything else carefully selected around it. The gold furniture and accents add a sophisticated touch to an otherwise light-hearted look, and the soft coral accessories contrast beautifully with the lush greenery.

PRO TIP: keep your floor finish in mind as well: sisal, coir and seagrass rugs add the perfect final touch to your tropical vibe.

Take It Literally

large leaves in vase on table

Turbulences Deco

Even if you have an otherwise minimalist or Scandi interior, add some large green leaves to celebrate the trend. Large banana and delicious monster leaves, as well as strelitzias, are on sale at most large retailers and florists now. So, even if you are not lucky enough to have them in the garden, you can still have them on the table. The amazing thing about leaves like these is that they last for months! Just make sure that you give them fresh water every week.

SIDE NOTE: see how the theme is subtly emphasised in the print on the wall? Clever, isn’t it!?

Go Blue


It may sound counterintuitive when you think of tropical green, but topaz offsets green stunningly! Use rich topaz paint on walls to support green prints, or in upholstery pieces and furniture. Topaz pops especially when set against white, so trim architectural features in white to get the most out of this colour.


Another colour that gently mutes the deep green of the tropics is pale teal. This works especially well in a bedroom, creating a calming atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation. Add subtle tropical touches with prints and plants, and keep the rest of the palette neutral with grey, olive and sandy colours.

Accessorize Boldly

Fashion for lunch

A tropical look is not only in printed flora; it is also represented by colour. Brilliant emerald green embodies the look, and should be used with reckless abandon! Create a statement with lush accessories in rich fabrics like velvet, set against a blank canvass. Choose gold accent pieces and keep the rest of the colours in the room to a minimum for maximum effect.

Get The Tropical Look With Some Local Shopping




If you’re still unsure about how to put this look together for yourself, try our design service and let us do it for you!

What is the best way to mix prints like a pro in your home?

When I think of mixing prints, I am reminded of the heyday of florals and stripes in the 90’s. Everything was pink, peach, and pale blue with touches of burgundy for a formal setting and splashes of soft turquoise to keep things light. Although terribly outdated now, this laid the foundation for many interior brands who kept building on that to bring you an abundance of patterns thrown together in a very structured but seemingly random way. I struggle to mix patterns in fashion – I have to have a particularly good self-esteem day to pull it off. But in interior design, I throw patterns together with reckless abandon! Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you want to mix prints like a pro in your home. Use it as a guide, and then throw all caution to the wind. Play a little this spring -what’s the worst that could happen?

1// seek inspiration

There are few places I go to for my patternal inspiration (yes, I just made up that word – but it works!).

  1. Missoni
Missoni Home Emme Collection

The mother and father of textile prints, this family-built design house is synonymous with mixing things up. I wrote about Madame Rosita Missoni’s talk at the Design Indaba Conference 2 years ago and was so inspired by this matriarch’s fierce passion for pattern. Here’s a designer that is truly fearless!

2. Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley Living Wall

I started my career with this amazing brand, and will forever love their homeware! They have been throwing together prints since post WWII, and doing so fabulously. Their online catalog has some serious pattern eye-candy! And while they are quite traditional, they do also have amazing contemporary ranges.

3. Anthropologie

Anthropologie Medina-printed Rivona Chair

It’s no secret that I have a huge design crush on Anthropologie. They have this way of doing a crazy mix of colour and prints and making it all work.

2// find a common thread

Voutsa for Anthropologie

Whether you choose a colour, a scale, a pattern, or a texture, as long as there is something tying everything together, it will work! Maybe everything has some botanical element in it, or there is a touch of blue in all of them. It could also be that you have a large painting, rug or wallpaper that is the unifying element in all of it.

3// play with layers

Liberty For Anthropologie Feather Bloom Shams

Start with an item and build from there: this will usually be a big piece, like a carpet, or curtains. Then gradually layer on top of that. A bedroom also offers ample opportunity to play with different layers of pattern. Use curtains, or a duvet cover or quilt, as the starting point. Then add a different print with pillows, followed by accessories like a throw or a scatter.

4// vary the scale

Anthropologie Edlyn Sofa

If everything is the same scale, things can get pretty hectic, pretty quickly. Have large patterns mixed with small patterns and dense prints with more spacious prints. White space or negative space is also very important here: there has to be some quiet in all the busyness to give your eyes a rest!

5// jump out of your comfort zone

Old Brand New

Unless you plan to redo all the walls with an imported wallpaper and have floor to ceiling curtains made, the risk in throwing prints together is actually quite small. There is no right or wrong: as with anything in your home, if you can live with it and it makes you happy, then it works! Buy a few cushions to start with, and see if they work together in your current living room. If they don’t, you can always take them back 😉

Happy decorating!




TREND #4: Florals or Leaves

Last year, black-ground florals (no, that’s not a typo!) made a comeback in a big way and this year the floral vibe is still very much with us. But leaf prints have also made a very strong case for themselves in the decor world over the last couple of years, with banana leaf and Delicious Monster being firm favourites.

So which one is your trend of choice this year – is it floral or luscious leaves? Do you prefer soft and feminine or bold and strong florals? Or does tropical rain forest prints get you all excited?



I remember my early days at Laura Ashley, where traditional florals were all the rage. At first, I didn’t care much for any of them, but by the time I left, I had fallen in love with quite a few! Fast forward 1.5 decades and florals are still with us, albeit in a much more contemporary form.



VT Wonen

Embrace the trend wholeheartedly and go for something bold! A beautifully busy floral print chair makes a statement in this rustic room. And while you’re at it don’t be afraid to complement it with other floral patterns – the more the merrier!



vt wonen

VT Wonen

Choose a pretty floral print to bring a soft and delicate feminine touch to any room. Combine it with a bolder print on a chair or occasional piece for a little bit of drama.




Italian Bark

Combining a traditional wallpaper with some clean, modern lines is a great way to update a look. This gorgeous wallpaper is based on an 19th century print, but because of the combination with crisp white finishes and slim black lines, it is perfectly on trend.




Lovely Clusters

If bold is not your thing, choose something small with a floral theme like a throw or scatter cushion. That way you’re also quite safe should the trend fade!




VT Wonen

Florals don’t always HAVE to be feminine either – this bedroom shows that grey scale prints and deep blue make for a beautifully bold room.





This gorgeous room with its eclectic mix of styles and era is being dominated by this breathtaking floral wallpaper – and why not? It works!



Big leaves, lots of green and tropical themes characterize this luscious trend. While green is certainly the predominant colour, let’s have a look at the different options:




Cactus may just be the new banana leaf! The informal style of this gorgeous wallpaper is great for a kids room or any other room in the home that does not take itself too seriously. Love this!




Hannah in the House

Using botanical prints is a wonderful way to give instant life to an industrial setting. Use liberally on accessories, prints and embrace green accents. Don’t forget actual plants – they are very much part of the trend!




Made By Lemon

This wall will make you feel like you’re living in a tropical paradise, even if you’re in the city. Accessorize with a subtle palette of moss-green, white, grey and black for an uber-cool room.




Sofie Boersting

Sometimes, all you need is a wall painted in soft green moss and some comfy scatters. Just gorgeous!


But, as with all trends in The Real Trends 2016, there can be only one.

Choose your favourite nature trend below!

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8 tips for decorating small rooms

It can be a daunting task to decorate a small space while remaining airy with all the functions you still want it to fulfil. We have found these eight tips for decorating small rooms to be very handy and in most cases, bullet proof!

#1 Height and width

Use gloss or metallic stripes either horizontally to create the illusion of width or vertical ones to create the illusion of height in a small space.


flickr shelterness

#2 Old perceptions

Instead of painting your room all white as the old rule goes for small spaces, rather paint one wall dark to give it depth. This really works, tried and tested! They are called receding walls for a reason.



#3 Pure colour

Use bright colour tones instead of muted ones when choosing a colour palette. It not only adds a contemporary twist but does wonders for a small space by injecting energy. Try a bright tone on the inside of bookshelves or even window sills.


sfgirlbybay woonblog

#4 Scale

The most important thing to remember is to have your furniture scaled correctly for the room. Having oversized furniture will only add to your space dilemma.



#5 Reflections

Add reflective and transparent décor accents to the room rather than solid, bulky ones to give an airy feel and sense of luxury. These include mirrors or mirror-clad furniture, glass vases and transparent pieces like a ghost chair.


homeyohmy bloglovin

#6 Be open

Adding open shelving also creates a sense of depth and works wonders in a small space. Remember not to clutter up the shelves with trinkets but rather display your most beautiful items and keep it organized.


thebudgetdecorator remodelista

#7 Accessories

Echo pattern and colour pops for a cohesive feel in a small space, making the room come together as a whole.


bhg petitandsmall

#8 Work it

Buy multifunctional furniture, like loft bed that has desk space at the bottom. This will save floor space by combining two pieces in one.


stylecaster abouthome

I hope you found this post inspiring and that you will be brave enough to incorporate some of these ideas in your own home!

Happy styling,


Local shopping for textured decor accessories

If you need instant texture gratification after following our blog posts this month we have just the thing! We have sourced some of the most beautiful textured decor accessories from five of our favorite retailers and they are all available online.


1. Braided storage basket

This natural storage basket is made from a rug.

2. Tribal chair
A striking black and white poly-rattan weave on this furniture range is handwoven in Indonesia and ideal for outdoor relaxation.
3. Moroccan carpet design 4

Make a statement by adding this woolen Moroccan knotted carpet to your home.
Available in four designs.


1. Leaf pod light

Pod shaped chandelier constructed on wire frame using “leaf-like” ceramic pieces.

2. Beaded stool

A beautiful, versatile clay beaded stool.

3. Splash back

A beautifully crafted 15 piece mural splash back. Holes can be made to incorporate a mixer.

4. Lace woven platter

Woven ceramic “rope” platter –  purely decorative.

5. Embossed, Margaret jug

Shweshwe patterned, cylindrical jugs with large round handle and toucan spout.


1. Plush faux fur sigzag blanket 

A plush faux fur blanket is irresistible to touch! Wrap yourself up this winter to feel snug and cosy.

2. Chunky knit throw 150 x 180 cm

This throw is something special: it is a beautiful, chunky cable knit with printed silver foiling detail. It is super soft to the touch and will definitely finish off any bedroom decor with its luxurious appearance.

3. Cable knit weave 50 x 30 cm pouffe 

Choose a cable knit weave pouffe for a quick way to decorate any lounge setting. Filled with recycled polystyrene beads, this pouffe provides comfort with ease of mobility.

4. Metal Marrakesh bottle and urn

This hand-made metal bottle and urn with embossed detail can be used as a statement piece in your home to add an exotic Moroccan touch to your living space.


1. Marrigold wooden mirror 

The wooden carved petal frame with its exposed grain adds beautiful texture to this mirror.

2. Boston bookshelf 

A contemporary bookshelf with beautiful sleek lines and a subtle woodgrain texture.

3. Ling medicine chest

This medicine chest would make a gorgeous accent in a lounge with lots of storage space for bits and bobs.


1. Polypropylene crochet carpet

These crochet carpets can be made to any size and colour – gorgeous!

2. Teak bowls

Wooden drinking bowls with organic shapes and stunning wood grain.

Happy shopping,


5 Ways with Faux Fur

Since the start of the Scandinavian trend we have seen fur being used in unexpected ways around the home. It adds warmth, texture and a sense of luxury to a space. I have bought a few meters of charcoal faux fur for next to nothing at my local fabric shop and it has served me well. Here are my top 5 ways with faux fur.


Floor pillows are great for occasional seating and give a relaxed feel to the room on the left. I love the placement of the top pillow slightly twisted and propped up against the other – it shows off the shape and texture of the pillows best.

The grey shaggy scatter cushion on the charcoal sofa on the right adds quirky texture to the setting. planete-deco elv-s


Fur gets used a lot in Scandinavian style bedrooms. But it does not have to be a large piece covering the entire bed: here it works great in black and white as a small piece at the end of the bed tying up the tones used in the rest of the bedroom decor. stilinspiration


Add texture to your floor with one of these lovely rugs. They come in all sorts of shapes and colours to suit your room. Just look at the lovely pink variation on the right! The shaggy grey rug on the left breaks up the tile pattern floor, providing a bit of a breather. zsazsabellagio sfgirlbybay


The dining room picture on the left with the Eames chairs covered with creamy shades is probably the most used application of fur in Scandinavian interiors. It has been with us for a while but I still love this unexpected combination and in this particular setting it works beautifully. If you want to go more dramatic try the black shaggy fur throw on the right over a low bench and echo it with black antlers. The composition in this picture is simply stunning: look how the item of clothing links the space between the bench and antlers! lookslikewhite dropdeadgorgeousdaily


Combine a fur throw on your sofa with different textured scatter cushions to play on texture. It’s a quick and simple addition that makes a great impression. The rule of working in threes or uneven numbers are used here with the black frames, standing lamp and black scatter echoing each other in the space, creating a visual balance between the elements. decocrush

Happy styling,


Chunky Home Decor

Every winter it seems that chunky home decor items get a bit bulkier. Add a knitted throw, rug or scatter in this style to your home to be right on trend.

Soft under foot

I desire one of these chunky knitted rugs for my own home. The one of the right is from the talented designer Anna Mo . Have a look at her gorgeous range on Etsyfrenchconnection boredpanda



Try this natural fiber throw with muted bedding to add a dash of texture to your bedroom. You could even try your hand at it yourself! Have a look at my knitted rug tutorial that was done with the same twine – it works like a charm. mondaytosundayhome


50 shades

I love the yellow blanket stitch added to the grey chunky blanket on the right. It just adds the right amount of colour pop from Anthropologie! digsdigs



This must be my favourite over-sized knitted blanket ever! It’s done in the same tones as the bedding and the textures show off as the light hits the chunky knit. I would love to take a nap under this beauty. freepeople


Retail therapy

Shops are filled with knitted items in different materials. Have a look at the knits @home, Mr Price Home, Weylandts and Hello Pretty. costmad dwellbeautiful


Just add colour

 Chunky knits tend to mostly be in muted tones, from white to grey and natural. I love the impact this mustard yellow blanket from H&M makes on the modern bedroom. athomeinlove


Clever designers

Furniture designers caught onto the trend and have been incorporating knits in their designs. trendhunter gessato


Fashion forward

According to the fashion experts the cable knit will be huge this season. It’s always interesting to see how it gets interpreted in decor, a great example being this scatter and blanket on the left. busybeingfabulous Etsy


Good enough to eat

These gorgeous place mats just made my ‘have to have’ list. I love the tones on this table setting in grey, charcoal and the natural elements incorporated in marble and wood. 79ideas


I hope you found this article inspiring and are rushing out the door to go shop for a chunky knit!

Happy styling,


Surprising Textured Walls

Creating a statement wall in your home adds a lovely focus to any room. Adding texture to it makes it even more fun and creates another layer. I have sourced some beautiful examples of textured walls from gently worn to cement finishes and everything in between.

Stripped paint

This paint technique takes textured walls to the next level by revealing color layers. It gives a sense of old world charm and adds lots of character to the settings as the perfect backdrop. buzzfeed Pinterest


Havana inspired

Having a wall with layers deliberately stripped away reminds me of the beautiful walls you see in Havana. It’s like the walls have a story to tell and I love that. sfgirlbybay carlaaston


Distressed cement finishes

Cement finishes are still all the rage and these walls have added texture to them that emphasizes the industrial look by giving it a lived-in feel. trend-daily tinekhome


Seamless cement

The added wavy lines above the headboard adds movement to the wall and makes it less stark. This is such a good example of how wall to floor finishes can work very well combined with the right furniture and accessories. tinekhome


Beautiful bamboo

This wallpaper adds visual texture to the wall. It’s got a lovely warm and inviting feeling to it and works perfectly well with the eclectic decor in this bedroom. mydomaine


Wood cladding

This is far from a new concept but how refreshing is the block paneling on the right? It’s a lovely modern take on the normal plank cladding and creates beautiful lines with the elevation of some of the blocks. It almost has a retro feel of the 70’s to it. homedzine caymandriftwood


Another brick in the wall

Exposed bricks are lovely and a sure winner in almost any space. I love the way the awkward shape of the wall is emphasized by the stark white surrounding the brick wall – it’s very quirky! thedesignerpadwalls7

Bling bling

Metallic wallpapers have been popping up all over the decor show and they’re not just for glamorous hotel foyers any longer. On the right is a marbled wallpaper with a very interesting texture and on the left a teal and gold one that has a Moroccan feel with a twist. zsazsabellagio design-milk


tangible texture

I have installed a wall with textured wallpaper from Builders Warehouse in my home, similar to the one on the left and I simply love it. It was painted the same colour grey as the surrounding walls so is just a subtle texture when the light hits it. The texture on the right is made up of printed tin roof plates that are also a firm favorite of mine. I think it would look great in a kitchen. celebratingeverydaylife anthropologie


I hope these images inspired you to look at your walls differently and set the mood for our month of textures here at Homeology.

Happy styling,


5 Quick Kitchen Fixes on a Tight Budget

My kitchen is a very tiny space that was in serious need of some love and attention. I wanted to create more impact with a fresh colour scheme and had to do it on a very tight budget.

I had a look at what I could find around the house and grabbed a few paint tins to get the party started. It took me two full Saturdays to complete these 5 quick kitchen fixes and it makes a world of difference.

You can easily incorporate these ideas into your kitchen no matter the style or colour scheme.

#1 Choosing a colour palette

Like most people, I also have collected kitchen paraphernalia over the years in all sorts of colours. For this project, I decided to unpack everything I had and choose a colour palette. I seemed to have a lot of sage, red and turquoise and decided that I loved the fresh and vibrant colours together. Colour palette done!

I started off by painting the walls in my own shade of sage. I used Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Duck Egg Blue which I mixed into a lighter sagey colour by adding some Original from the same range.

Shop your chalk paint online here!

The final colour is subtle and creates a muted backdrop for my red and turquoise accent colours and allows them to really pop.


I packed away all the kitchen accessories that didn’t go with my new colour scheme and only put the ones I love on display. This made a big difference.


#2 Painted doors and updated handles

I use this locker for food storage due to the lack of space in my tiny kitchen. By painting the front of the doors in Provence and English Yellow Chalk Paint™ I added a bit more fun to them. I replaced the handles with these lovely decorative ones from Fired Earth – available at Builders Warehouse.


One of the quickest ways to update your look is to change door handles. It’s super easy and inexpensive – I dare you!


#3 Second time around

I showed you this lovely shutter upcycling project last month but decided that it now will work much better in my kitchen as a place to peg recipes and hang tea towels. It also covers the side of a cupboard as you enter the kitchen which was a complete waste of space. See how I did it here.


#4 Spice rack DIY

My husband built this spice rack and it was one of those things that just stood out and looked unfinished. I did not want to break his DIY spirit so decided to turn it into something we both loved with a lick of paint and a little blue bird that was used at our wedding as a decorative bottle top.


I cut off the rubbers on the edge of the birds that fitted into the glass jars and drilled a hole for the end to fit snugly into the face of the spice rack.


The spice rack was painted with the same Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint™ that I used on the upcycled shutter.


The bird is now the keeper of our oven glove and the spice rack ties in nicely with the overall colour scheme of the kitchen.


#5 Go green

I recently got this Feverfew plant from a dear friend and wanted to save it from the geese so decided it needed a place in my new kitchen. I simply took a terracotta pot that I had lying around the garden and painted it with a few dry brush strokes in Provence Chalk Paint TM.


It’s now a pretty pop of green in the corner of my kitchen window sill.


After adding the Feverfew plant I got the bright spark to make more plants from the garden by using the large amount of Peck’s Anchovette glass jars I had been saving but didn’t really know why.

When the labels are washed off they really are very elegant so I now have a row of these cuttings in the window sill and it looks very fresh.

I think I got this from my mother that keeps on collecting cuttings from friends’ and neighbours’ gardens.


I love the impact my quick fixes had on the kitchen and hope you have found some inspiration to try them in your own home.

Happy styling,