TREND # 1: A Personal Sanctuary

We are dedicating the month of January 2015 to all things trendy and it looks like there will be a big focus on home sanctuaries this year. Think of the garden studio, quiet corners in the garden and then of course the home library.

” Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”  – Mason Cooley

  My great grandmother was a very lucky lady that was named “Ma Baker” because she had four handsome sons. But even more impressive was that she had her own library at home: top to bottom book shelves with a big arm chair as her personal sanctuary.


 ‘Ma Baker’ in her ‘happy place’

Taking my cue from this wonderful woman’s reading nook, I have found a few very inspirational home libraries to suit any size home or apartment.

Wall of floating shelves

Create a focal wall with floating shelves and break the horizontal lines with a narrow wooden ladder for when you need to reach the top shelf.


Wonder wall

Colour was added to this wall by decorating it with books. It creates a lovely eclectic feel against the white canvas and is finished off with a contrasting distressed door.


Loft style book shelves

This open shelf bookcase gives added storage and a chance to show off other items that fit the interior like the gift bags at the top. The room has a lovely formal rhythm thanks to the pigeon hole shelving while maintaining a feminine feel with the soft pink furniture.


Apartment solution

If you are renting an apartment opt for a free standing book case in a light color. I love the string of fairy lights on the side of the shelf to soften the lines.


Modern interpretation

Loosely stack a few crates together or opt for plastic crates for a more modern, industrial feel. These are cleverly kept together with custom-made clips. Alternatively go for this shapely tree shelf to really make a statement.


Sitting pretty

This would be a great option for a teenager’s room or a rented space. The multifunctional chair designed by British design studio TILT doubles as seating and storage. I think it’s genius!


TILT studio

Cupboard of books

Display your books in a cupboard with glass panel doors to get the best of both worlds. I love the fact that the books are protected but still on show. Just add a comfy chair and you are set with a quiet little space to read at your leisure.


Light on the subject

I simply love the individual industrial style lamps that were added to the top of this built-in bookshelf. The distressed leather sofa suits the dark shelves perfectly and looks very inviting.


Playing the blues

This is such a refreshing take on the more traditional top to bottom book cases as it’s painted in a lovely blue tone. The eclectic furniture add lots of personality to the space with its stunning inter-leading industrial windows.


High and dry

These individual shelving units have been designed to leave enough window space while forming part of the architectural elements. Due to the double volume of the space it works well with the high gloss dark stained floor.


Industrial elements

I simply love the use of this steel staircase with steel and wood shelving and the industrial lights finish off the look beautifully. This is a great space to incorporate signage like the exit sign seen in the middle.


Wise words

I fully agree with this lovely quote. Or should I say that I wouldn’t mind both!


I am so inspired after doing this post that my next big project will definitely be to follow in Gran’s footsteps and create my own home library. Goodness knows I have a collection that could fill a small public library already.

If you are not ready for a big project like this but would like to do some simple decorating with books, have a look at my previous post on the subject. It’s still one of my favourites!

Happy styling,