Go Bohemian with a DIY Fringed Basket

This month, we’re taking inspiration to the next level! We are remaking a few of our favourite things from our favourite stores, and Anthropologie is top of our list! This DIY fringed basket with a beautiful boho vibe couldn’t be easier, and it’s a fun project for kids – BONUS!

There are many stunning baskets from Anthropologie, so have a look at their basket collection if you need a little more inspiration.

Here’s how to create Beautifully fun Bohemian Baskets.

Anthropologie knock off Tassel Basket Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • Wicker Baskets
  • Paint (we used white, light blue and dark blue chalk paint)
  • enough fringing and/tassels* to play around with

* The amount of fringing/tassels you need depends on the size of your basket. Measure the circumference for an exact length.

Tools for the Job:

  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Paint Roller or Brush


DIY Tassel Baskets - Homeology

Paint the baskets white (but you can use any light colour you prefer). Leave to dry.


Bohemian Basket Tutorial with Chalk Paint

Use a roller or a paint brush to paint the lower third of the baskets in a darker colour; we used light blue and dark blue. Let it dry.

STEP 3 (Optional):

Fringe Basket DIY

Add a thin paint strip above the coloured section. You can use masking tape as a guide, but don’t rely on it too much as it doesn’t cling to the wicker all that well. And an uneven line adds to the character of the end product! Leave the baskets to dry once more.


Fun Tassel Basket Decor - Homeology

See which fringe or tassels will work best with your basket, and double check to see if you have enough. Heat up the glue gun and then add glue just below the top edge of the basket.

Pro Tip: Add glue in 200mm sections, to avoid the glue drying too quickly.


Anthropologie knock off - DIY Tassel Basket

Press the end of the tassel/fringing to the glued part and work your way around until the next section.



Repeat this process until the first fringe layer is complete.


Fringe Basket DIY - Homeology

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the second tassel layer.

Green and Blue Fringed Baskets - Homeology

Bohemian Decor with Fringed Baskets - Homeology

Remember to work in sections!

DIY Blue and White Tassel Baskets - Homeology

DIY Bohemian Tassel Baskets - Homeology

Pro Tip: Leave an excess of 20mm fringing for a neatly glued end. Finish the tip of the fringing by folding it over and glueing it down.


This may be the most straightforward DIY you do all year, so make the most of it by making many of these pretty baskets as Anthropologie-inspired gifts (remember Christmas is not too far away!!)


Happy Making!



Basket case – clever ideas from storage to display

Baskets are very trendy at the moment and I have found some clever ways to incorporate them into your home. My favorite is the pretty wire baskets stocked by most home stores as they offer such a wide variety of DIY options.

Idea #1 – Wire basket storage

Turn the wire basket on its side and secure to the wall to create these stunning display units.


etsy.com remodelista.com

Idea #2 – Bathroom and kitchen storage

These pretty wire baskets are especially handy in the bathroom and kitchen.


12thandwhite.com granddesignco.blogspot.com

Idea #3 – Laundry basket

Why not cover a basket with lovely lace to give it a more feminine feel as a laundry basket.


ariadneathome.nl domainehome.com

Idea #4 – Display

Put your collection of different baskets to good use by combining them in an open shelf bookcase to store unsightly items.



Idea #5 – Basket lamp shade

This trend is one of my current favorites: the basket lampshade. Use fisherman baskets with a rough weave and try to go as big as possible to really make an impression.


gorgeousshinythings.blogspot.com flickr.com

 Idea #6 – Wire basket table or plant stand

Using a wire basket with a table top creates a very eye catching and geometric side table. Combine two wire baskets to create height and use it for a plant stand.



 Idea #7 – Mantel piece decor

If you are more rustic inclined, try combining a basket tray with a wreath for a lovely accent above your fire place.



 Idea #8 – Basket planters

A wicker basket adds a nostalgic element used as a planter on this patio.


itsahouse.blogspot.no themethodcase.com

I hope you are inspired by all these lovely ideas and beautiful baskets.

Happy styling,

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