Cabbage Patch Kid (and other veggies)

In a previous post I mused about the fantastic advantages to having a veggie garden for kids (Little Green Fingers), and so I decided that it is time to take the first step in having one of our own. Having a veggie patch for the kids was definitely a dream come true – certainly more so for me than for the kid involved, but I believe that given time, he will come to love it as much as I do.

I chose a far corner of the garden, mainly to be out of the way of the muts – although I have found our Sharpei cross nibbling on the spinach a couple of times now.

We first prepared the soil with some chicken manure from the neighbour (this helps of course if your neighbour farms fowl), and then lay down some paths with bricks left over from the renovation of our house.

Adding a sprinkler to the existing pipe was simple enough, and then we just started putting in seeds and some potted herbs that I bought from the mall.

The first sprouts have already started showing (excitement!) so now we are just waiting…