Upcycled shutter ideas

Shutters or louvers present great alternative uses. I have found a few clever ideas to inspire those creative juices and start your own project.

Shutter rail

Secure a louver door to the wall horizontally to make a clothing rail. Use similar hangers (your prettiest ones!) and display some vintage cocktail dresses or a selected few out of your own closet. Alternatively this would work great in a spare bedroom as an occasional rail for guests.

Suspend a shutter in a kitchen to create more shelf space.



Head strong

Use a grouping of shutters as a headboard by either painting them in the same colour, like the lovely turquoise left, or in different shades like the picture right. Combined with lettering they make a lovely statement.


decoratingyoursmallspace.com brightnest.com

Pretty handy displays

Louvers make the perfect slots to slip in photographs, invitations or heaven forbid … bills! Either just slide them in or peg them up to create a lovely display. Attach some hooks at the bottom to keep keys tidy.


thechicsite.com brightnest.com

Fine art

I simply love this yellow and white distressed shutter used as art display.


thebudgetdecorator.com homejelly.com

Long distance runner

Use a shutter as a runner on a coffee or dining room table to group your center piece.



Wall cladding and doors

If you are so lucky to have or find shutters like these French distressed ones, use them as wall cladding! It’s the perfect way to add old-world charm to a room.

Add shutter doors to an old bookcase to turn it into a lovely linen closet.


wehearthomedesign vitamin-ha.com

Divide and conquer

Use shutters outdoors as screens, softened with a climber plant or to break a bland wall.

Remember to varnish the wood so it doesn’t get completely destroyed by the elements.


lonny.com midwestliving.com

As luck would have it I found a few forgotten shutters in our farm shed! After writing this post I felt so inspired that I did a lovely patio wall makeover using three of them. Watch the blog for the big reveal!

Happy styling,