Home Tour: Welcome to Homeology Studio!

I have been working on Homeology for more than four years now. When I look back, I am amazed at how my little business has grown! When I started out, I renovated our dilapidated garden cottage with the help of my dad and one of his dearest friends, who happens to be a carpenter. I worked in my newly renovated studio for a few years and loved it! It was a magical place with plenty of creativity and some great ideas and projects. But after a series of break-ins, the place lost its sparkle for me, and I found it hard to spend my time there.

Throw a new baby into the mix, and you’re left with an abandoned and sad space that doubles as a storeroom where things go to die. Until recently that is! Tenille and I set out to bring new life into our workshop and studio space with the generous help of Builders warehouse. Here’s our ELABORATE shopping trip!

So without any further delay, here is the new, updated, super awesome Homeology Studio!


workshop studio

The studio is tiny at about 30sqm, which suits our needs perfectly. We need a workshop area to make stuff, and a shooting area. The first order of business was a new chipboard floor to keep the cold air, dust, and critters out! This was also the biggest job by far that took a whole day to accomplish. And my goodness, those boards are super heavy!

The Workshop

makita drill workbench

This is where stuff gets done! A place for everything and everything in its place. We have a fabulous new workbench at the centre of everything. The rest of the space is taken up storage for the incredible amount of tools and materials we have amassed.

The Shooting Area


This is where the magic that we created in the workshop gets pimped and shot! All white walls and floor, and beautiful daylight flooding in through the windows.


The biggest addition to the space by far were the two skylights. It was also the most horrendous job to get done! After the ceiling sheets were installed, we had to cut through the ceiling insulation. This might seem straightforward enough, but when said ceiling contains a multitude of mice nests, it becomes a disgusting, stinky job! None the less, it was totally worth it. Our studio is now filled with beautiful light!


We have two pegboards, two lockers, an Indonesian teak chest of drawers, shelving & an antique armoire. And as ever, we probably need more storage because really, can you ever have enough?

Sewing Corner

We don’t do too much sewing, but when we do, it usually involves large pieces of fabric! This little corner of the studio has a big table and all the thread, bobbins, fabric and scissors we could possibly need.


Yes, we have a bit of an obsession with tea, and we’re not fighting it at all! While we don’t have a kettle for the moment, this is something we plan to remedy very soon. A flask filled with hot water works for now.


Thanks for taking the tour of our studio! We promise to show you what we up to regularly, behind the scenes as well as in front of the cameras!

All materials for this project were generously sponsored by Builders Warehouse.