Christmas Breakfast with Colourful Sun Print Napkins

This year we’re trying something different. Instead of big gift ideas, we’re adding small touches to make festive family get-togethers a little more special. DIY sun print napkins make a Christmas breakfast look cheerful, and the guests can take them home with them!



Difficulty: easy

Time: 40-90 minutes including drying time


  • White Napkins (one for each guest)
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Sun Colour Paint (We used red)
  • Paintbrush/small roller
  • Water



Soak clean napkins in water then spread them out on a table in the sun. Protect the table with plastic sheets because the paint can stain the surface too.


Pour a little sun print paint into a roller pan or container, dip in your paintbrush and paint the napkins. Work speedily, because the paint dries quickly.


Summer-Christmas-with-DIY-Sun-print-NapkinsArrange flowers onto the painted napkins and let the paint try. The sun print takes 30-60 minutes to develop fully.


The napkins are ready to use once their dry, but it’s best to make sure their colourfast. Put the napkins through one wash and dry cycle then they will be good to go!


That’s it! Now you can place them on your festive table for a colourful Christmas breakfast, with a delicious brunch. Alternatively, make a few napkins per family unit, wrap in gift paper and put it underneath the tree, ready for unveiling later. Whichever you choose, remember that the festive season is about spending time with loved ones. So, don’t stress and have a good time!

Have a happy Festive Day!

Watercolour Christmas – painted napkins DIY

To fit the painted tablecloth done earlier this week, it was just fitting to show you a few a painted napkins DIY that will fit the theme beautifully and complete your table linen for Christmas.

You will need:

Fabric paint – blue, turquoise and yellow

Eight fabric squares cut to 40 x 40 cm and edges off with and over-locker

Applicator sponge

Container and water

Medium size paint brush


Step 1:

Wet a strip of the fabric with your applicator sponge. This will help the paint to spread so that it creates a watercolour effect.


Step 2

Now add paint to the wet strip. We started at the bottom of the napkin with blue, followed by turquoise above and ended it off with yellow.


Step 3

To break the monotony of the solid stripes I painted crisscross stripes with a dry brush to extend the yellow at the top of the napkin.


Step 4

I hung the napkins on our washing line and it was a huge mistake! Note to self: never do that again as the wet paint came off on the line and I had to wash it all down. Rather peg them to a piece of string suspended 2 chairs.


Left overs

For a bit of variation, I decided to have two of them a bit more subtle than the painted napkins. I pressed the fabric down on the newspaper that I used underneath while painting the other napkins, and it made a beautiful print onto the fabric. It’s a bit of a frottage effect and I love it!


All done

These napkins add the perfect colour splash to our watercolour Christmas table. They are fun and versatile and placed on top of the plates, they create a gorgeous display of colour.


I hope you try your hand at these! They are lots of fun to make and you can experiment with different designs and colours to your heart’s content!

Now, you may have noticed my amazing copper-dipped cutlery. It’s a short and sweet 1 minute wonder!


I bought this plastic cutlery set on sale and wanted to use it on our watercolour Christmas table. The only problem: because they are transparent, they would get totally lost when placed on my very colourful napkins! So I decided to dip the beautifully detailed handles in copper craft paint.

And the effect was very interesting!

Here’s what you’ll need for this super easy painted cutlery DIY:

Plastic cutlery

Copper craft paint (or any metallic craft paint of your choice)

Paper towel


One step wonder

I love doing one step DIY’s. Life is too short! Simply dip your handle in the copper paint and wipe the excess with the paper towel. It gives it a lovely distressed feel and the right amount of colour without taking away the transparency.


Expect the unexpected

So the most interesting thing is that the craft paint made these stunning watery patterns on the sections that I wiped almost clean of the paint. It sticks beautifully to the plastic but I won’t bargain on it surviving the first wash. You can always dip it in another colour for your next soiree.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these fun and easy-to-do projects – now, go and try it yourself over the festive season!

Happy styling,