How to totally transform a room with grey paint

Those who are regulars here will know that I have a firm belief that you can transform any room with some paint. It is the most cost-effective way to give a room a facelift: whether you paint a focal wall, all walls, paint above the dado or below, create an imaginary dado with paint or add a pattern or stencil, paint has the incredible ability to completely change the look and dynamic of a space.

When Prominent Paints asked me to take part in their 50 Shades Freed campaign this year, I immediately started looking for the perfect spot in need of a facelift. My friend Tarryn volunteered her guest room and her time, and the results are even more amazing than what I expected!

Here’s what I did for the 50 Shades promo last year!

Transform a room with Grey Paint

Time: 5 hours, excluding drying time

You will need:

  • A design. You can copy ours or create your own, but straight lines are by far the easiest thing to do.
  • Paint: we used white, Grey Steel1, Night Jewels 5, Night Jewels 4 and acid yellow (S1040-Y)
  • Masking tape
  • Foam rollers, a small brush for small areas and a tray.

grey paint

The room is tiny, with ample natural light and a sweet grey-and-white painted wooden floor. There already was pale grey paint on the walls, so we started by painting the white lines first. This was by far the most laborious part of the process, and it would, of course, have been much easier if the walls were white to start with! But they weren’t, so the outlines were taped, and it took 3 coats to create nice, solid white lines.

grey paint

After the white paint had dried, the pattern was taped over the new white lines and the rest of the colours filled in. The lines have to be completely straight before you start painting. After you’ve taped, stand back and make sure everything is correct before you start painting.

Here are a few tips to get your pattern just right:

  • Draw the design to scale on paper first before you start. It helps to colour the blocks the way you want them. When you are facing a large wall, it is sometimes difficult to figure out what is supposed to go where!
  • Some paint colours will require more coats than others. Especially intense colours, like the acid yellow we’ve used, are likely to need 2 or 3 coats to get nice, even coverage.
  • You can use painter’s tape or masking tape, but make sure that you remove the tape carefully once everything has dried so that you don’t damage the pattern.

The big reveal!

grey paint

The paint was great to work with: it has great coverage, is easy to use and doesn’t have that horrible toxic smell. We totally love the colours, and the results speak for themselves! The little splash of yellow adds just enough colour to brighten up the entire room.

grey paint

grey paint

Happy Painting!

All products for this project was kindly sponsored by Prominent Paints. 


Cozy Winter DIY: Stencilled Eye Pillowcase

Looking to spruce up your pillows a little? As winter begins to settle in, the warmth of a bed and duvet is a welcome treat. Why not add some simple details to make your bedroom a space that you want to spend time in, curled up with a good cup of coffee and your favourite book. Here’s a simple technique to make your own reusable stencils for a linen or pillowcase DIY. The exact same technique could be used for all sorts of DIYs around the house, tote bags and gifts. So get creative with it!

DIY pillowcase tutorial

What you need:
Fabric Paint
Craft Knife
Overhead transparencies / Acetate sheet (2xA4, 2xA3)
Spray adhesive

Eye Stencil Pillowcase DIY

DIY Pillowcase Tutorial

Print out the free template download and cut out your stencil using a craft knife. There is also a Silhouette Cut File included, if you have a Silhouette machine.

The template include 2 hand-drawn open eyes and 2 closed eyes. Cut the closed eyes from A4 and the open eyes from A3.

Eye Stencil Pillowcase DIY

Lightly coat the back of the stencil with spray adhesive and place it on your ironed pillowcase. Gently sponge your paint where needed and leave to dry.

Eye Stencil Pillowcase DIY

Eye Stencil Pillowcase DIY

Remove the stencil and iron on the reverse of the design to fix the paint. Repeat this process with the open eye on the other side of the pillowcase.

Eye Stencil Pillowcase DIY

DIY Pillowcase Tutorial

Happy sleeping, reading and cuddling!
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Colour Pop Shutter: An Easy DIY Paint Project

As a spill-over from our upcycling projects last month, I thought it would be a good idea to share this super easy DIY paint project creating a colourful storage shutter with you.

I am forever looking for my favorite paint brush and twine in the workshop so have painted a small shutter that used to be a cupboard door in bright red Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint ℱ decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Now I have all my bits and bobs together in one place. Here’s how I did it.

You will need

Chalk Paint ℱ dccorative paint in Emperor’s Silk | Annie Sloan Soft Wax – clear | clean dry cloth | Annie Sloan Round bristle brush, no 8 | reclaimed shutter or cupboard door with louvers | portrait hooks

Shop your chalk paint online here!


Step 1

Clean up the dusty shutter and take off all the unwanted hardware like door handles. I’ve kept the hinges as they become hooks for keys. Now paint your shutter with Emperor’s Silk and get into all the nooks and crannies with your round bristle brush. Use a smaller artist brush to work around the hinges. I have not diluted the paint so only had to apply one coat (simply because I’m a bit impatient). Let the paint dry.


Step 2

Use your cloth to wax the shutter. Some good advise I got from the paint technique guru Lisa Spaarwater (Lemon and Lilac) is to use it like you would an expensive moisturizer: a little bit goes a long way. Use a little elbow grease and buff it up to a have a subtle sheen which intensifies the colour.


Step 3

After the wax has cured you are ready to add the finishing touches. I’ve used portrait hooks and simply slipped them in between the louvers to hang my twine and brush from. For inspirational pictures or the Annie Sloan colour pallet I have used dolly pegs. If you love dolly pegs as much as we do, have a look at Germarie’s post a while back called 7 Ways with Darling Dolly Pegs for some other great ideas on how to use them.


Done and dusted

I simply love the pop of color in my dusty workshop and especially the way it contrasts against the grey bricks. I now have my goodies all in one place and feel super organised.


I had lots of fun doing this easy DIY and hope it inspires you to do the same.

Happy styling,


Choose the right wall color

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right wall color for your interior. The desired effect you want will be determined by the color you choose.

In the hardware store we are often overwhelmed with all the different options of paint color available so I have found a few very handy tips and some good advice before you take the big step.

Time of day

Color are effected by what’s around it and also the time of day. Paint a few A4 size blocks on the wall you want to change and live with it for a while to see which one works best for you.


Color match

We are always spreading the gospel of keeping a visual diary. When it comes to choosing paint color, it comes in especially handy. Keep paint swatches, fabric and photographs of colors you love and let your friendly paint consultant match it for you in store.


Different paint options

There are three types of paint to choose from. Matt, glossy or satin. Choose glossy for smaller details, matt to hide any flaws and satin to bounce light into the room.


Careful color

If you love a bright and intense color but fear that it would be too overwhelming painting the entire room in it, opt to use it on a focal wall. This way it still adds a pop of color without being overbearing.


Temperature check

If you have a dim lit room that feels chilly the moment you walk in the door, try painting it in a warm tone paint to give it a more cozy feel. The same goes for a warm room that needs cooling down.


Now be bold and go to the hardware store armed and ready with your new-found knowledge on choosing the right paint.

Happy styling,

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6 Ways to Perfectly Painted Floors

Painting your floor might be the quickest and least expensive make-over you can give a space. It’s one of those surfaces in the house that often goes unnoticed – until now that is!

I have found six beautiful and different ways to transform your floor. Enjoy!

  1. Black or white


Paint your floor solid white to open up the space and let the natural light reflect throughout the room to create a tranquil look and feel. What works in this picture is that the room doesn’t feel sterile due to the use of subtle texture with the skin on the floor and the grouping of black and white pictures on the back wall.

Alternatively you can paint the floor black for a dramatic effect. It creates depth in this hallway and works beautifully as a monotone color scheme against the white walls and ceilings. Combined with a black and white picture, the gorgeous white wire-framed chair that adds a graphic element and ending off with the black cupboard it makes a powerful statement.

  1. Blue vs Pink


Combine three colors of blue with the teal being the strongest and a very pale off-white stripe calming the overall look down into a lovely playful floor. Perfect for a little boy’s room.

The subtle tones of pink in the girl’s room is again broken with an off-white stripe. Perfect for your little princess.

  1. Checker board


I love these checker board painted wooden floors and believe they are very ‘hipster’ right now! If like me you love wood and want to reveal as much as possible then opt for the white painted block against the raw wood.

If you want to go bold and graphic paint the checker board in its traditional black and white squares. Here it works beautifully with the yellow and green touches.

  1. Pretty Pastels


Try pastels or the combination of white and grey for a subtle and feminine look. The rhythm of the different length planks painted in different colors works like a charm with the pink chair as a focal point. Note that the pink on the floor is a nude color. This helps keep the color palette calm.

This beautiful high gloss floor with its geometrical pattern works perfectly in this modern minimal space. It’s the perfect example that you don’t have to do the full floor surface.

  1. Graphic geo


We usually see this optical illusive geometric pattern on a focus wall but here the clever owner decided to use it on the floor. The retro blue color scheme creates a wonderful masculine feel and the black kitchen cupboards with the blue SMEG is just gorgeous. We should all have a SMEG fridge in the kitchen, don’t you think?!

  1. Black & white stripes

If you have a large floor spaces then opt for these broad black and white stripes. It adds a bit of fun to this bathroom.

I would love to hear from you so please give me a shout at or leave a comment!

Happy flooring!

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