10 Gorgeous ways to bring ultraviolet home this year

Of all the colours out there, purple and it’s relatives have to be my least favourite. I don’t have anything purple in my house, or in my closet. That being said, the first car that Joey and I bought together was purple, but that was more by luck than by choice. I have a shock every year when Pantone announces its colour of the year, and it usually takes me a while to accept it. Except for green – you can never go wrong with green. I know that I am VERY late to jump on this year’s bandwagon, but I really have been struggling with this one. But if you can’t beat them, it’s better to don yourself in purple and call yourself a fan! Who knows, maybe before the end of the year, I will also own a piece of purple something.


According to Dictionary.com, ultraviolet light has wavelengths shorter than visible light but longer than Xrays. UV is the harmful bits in sunlight that cause sunburn, as well as the helpful part that forms vitamin D. It is not visible to the naked eye, except when it creates a chemical reaction that enables substances to glow or fluoresce, which is what the colour usually refers to.

Pantone describes ultraviolet as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” After a dramatic 2017, it is supposed to invoke introspection, which is something we desperately need.

Here are few suggestions to bring ultraviolet into your home this year.



The Decorista

In my book, you can never have enough velvet upholstery. Do I own any? No. Do I have 3 (adorable, lovely but ultimately disastrously messy) boys? Yes. So my velvet days will have to wait a bit longer. Unless someone wants to gift me a green deep-buttoned velvet sofa of course (see my comment on green above). If then you must have purple, then I suppose purple velvet is the way to go. I can’t fault this room, purple chair and all: the soft tones, the messy but curated shelf in the background, the totally delish shaggy rug, and the combination of dusty pink and ultraviolet works magic. My favourite things? The teal scatters that add a bit of cool to the warm colours and the touch of purple in the potplant. LOVE!


Hi Sugarplum via Doris Leslie Blau

A few scatters placed thoughtfully can elevate any room from blah to wow. Choose patterns that compliment your existing decor – I have a huge thing for flowers at the moment, so that’s where I’m headed. But the chances are that you’ll find ultraviolet in almost any pattern this year. This image is another testament to the beautiful combination that is ultraviolet and teal. This built-in unit is just gorgeous, and with the bright pops in the carpet, painting and accessories, it creates a stylish room that doesn’t take itself too seriously. STUNNING.


Traditional Home

This is a bolder move, but when you can create a corner like this, then go for it! I have to admit; it was this image that inspired this post. I found it on Instagram and thought, WOW! Maybe purple is not so bad after all! But then again, I am a total sucker for toile, especially Chinoiserie toile which had something to do with my excitement! My toile-philia stems from my days at Laura Ashley I think. This wallpaper is Shengyou Toile Iris by Schumacher Fabric.


Here are a few more ideas for bringing ultraviolet home.

1. Make a (small) statement with some pretty vintage glass bottles.


2. Use a throw to add some colour to a plain bedroom

Fantastic Frank via Doris Leslie Blau

3. Paint the inside of a plain wardrobe – SUPRISE! 💜

Claudia Pelizzari

4. Add colour with an informal pouffe or futon.

My Scandinavian Home

5. Paint the walls – isn’t the painted panelling in this pic JUST AMAZING??

Apartment Therapy

6. Have Your Cake And Eat It

Not completely ultraviolet, but this purple-and-white stripey cake is amazing and perfectly on trend! Click here for the recipe!

Happy Ultraviolet💜 Styling!